Well Integrated British Muslims At Lunch…

Sickening moment two henchmen of ISIS executioner ‘Jihadi Sid’ giggled as they watched beheading video while eating meal in London restaurant

Two henchmen of the ISIS militant branded ‘Jihadi Sid’ have been caught on camera laughing as they watched men being murdered in a gruesome propaganda video while they ate in a London restaurant.

Benefits claimant Mohammed Shamsuddin and London bus driver Abu Haleema, who now run the Islamist group formerly fronted by Abu Rumaysah, giggled as they watched the footage of men having their heads blown off and being drowned in a swimming pool.

Shamsuddin exclaimed, ‘The guy is foaming at his mouth, you know what I mean. Wow,’ while Haleema added: ‘That’s a HD quality bruv, 4k.’

Well integrated British Muslims avidly watch ISIS Snuff Flick while enjoying a hearty luncheon.

Well integrated British Muslims avidly watch ISIS Snuff Flick while enjoying a hearty luncheon.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Yesterday I watched a whole slew of British MPs stand up and say how much of a buffoon Donald Trump is because he made hurtful comments that impugned the character of the vast majority of peaceful Muslims.
    Those Brits must be more sophisticated than us clownish Yanks.

    • luna

      It’s quite ironic actually. Muslims in Britain are so offended by DJ Trump’s hateful proposal to ban Muslims from entering his country that they believe he should be denied entry to their host country.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Because they are not fighting any real hatred as they are fighting those that ask difficult questions of Islam and Muslims that they would prefer that we not think about at all.
        The most basic question of all would be “how do we tell a good Muslim from a bad Muslim” and they categorically refuse to even do that.
        So, until we can answer that question for ourselves, all Muslums must be suspect because their feelings can never be held in a higher regard than the value of our own lives.

    • mauser 98

      watched it also…
      delusional , denying , lemmings , sheep to slaughter ?
      their political correctness is a suicide pact

    • mauser 98

      or the MP’s are foreign agents enabling ,abetting an invasion

      • Zaba

        they are dhimmis

  • ismiselemeas

    “You ain’t no muslim bruv”

  • Spatchcocked

    Just look at those two freaks….