Progressive Mother Jones Finally Realizes Why Rooftop Solar Is A Total Scam

The progressive magazine Mother Jones recognized problems with rooftop solar Monday, including financial benefits the industry gets from renewable energy credits (RECs) and how rooftop solar doesn’t help slow global warming.

Mother Jones argues credits and subsidies ensure rooftop solar companies aren’t actually helping fight global warming and instead are just enriching themselves while distracting from real solutions to global warming.


  • mauser 98

    solar panel farms , wind turbines blind and kill birds by the millions

    rare metal mining for turbines create environmental disaster in China

    • Alain

      Such facts do not help the goal of destroying successful industrialised nations so they must be ignored.

    • Gary

      About 4 years ago I pointed out that the EPA reported how these Turbines were killing the Bats that migrated South each fall in the USA.
      There was a spike in illnesses related to mosquito bites for both adults and children right along the same path they found the dead bats.
      Each bat could eat up about 2000 bugs a night that included Mosquito’s that carried a virus.
      What they saved on GREEN energy went to Health Care plus more money .

      Clean air won’t mean much when you’re broke and homeless.

      • mauser 98

        3rd worlders cut down forests for fuel ,causing disaster

        fossil fuel reduces pollution raises their living standard

  • FactsWillOut

    Are people here actually bashing rooftop solar because it “doesn’t help stop CAGW?”
    Rooftop solar is great for off-the-grid applications.

  • Terrence11

    I heard that Stephen Hawking claims the world will be DESTROYED by human behavior in a few years – either nuclear war, or catastrophic global warming. So, AGW MUST be TRUE – regardless of the satellite readings that show a definite COOLING or the IPCC records that shoe NO WARMING for close to 20 years.

  • The Butterfly

    Global warming isn’t a problem that needs solving.

  • Gary

    Few people in the media have noticed that the Plants making Solar panels and Wind Turbines are using them to power their own Plants.
    They know they can’t trust Wind or Sunlight but want us to buy into this scam , they also don’t tell us the toxins in these Solar cells that will be tough to dispose of when damages or expired for its use .
    Hybrid cars will be a hindsight nightmare in 30 years to look back and wonder
    why me made them when the power cell is a toxic nightmare to get rid of and dangerous to Responders at car crashes when the cell spilt open and the fumes are inhaled.