Liberals’ waiving of travel costs for Syrian refugees created two-tier system

The first letter, dated Dec. 1, arrived before Christmas, while the second came just after Christmas. Both were from the government. Zouvik Baghjajian had been living in Canada for nearly five months by then, adjusting to her new life away from Syria.

She still could not get over how quiet it was near her new home, a tidy two-bedroom apartment in a suburban Toronto neighbourhood she shares with her husband and three children.

  • The Butterfly

    Liberals betray Canadians.

    • Reader

      Liberals betray everyone eventually.

    • Observer

      John McCallum will drink to that!

      Come to think of it, he will drink to anything.

      • The Butterfly

        Is he even aware of his surroundings?

  • Katyn

    I genuinely don’t care. They come here where, There are not enough jobs for Canadians as it is and already the whining and ingratitude begins, and after just 5 months. Send them packing back to their own homes. And make sure they pay for that, too.

  • Timshel54

    It’s a good read…replace “America” with Canada…”Democrats” with Liberals and it fits perfectly.
    It’s high time we got familiar with just who exactly we’re dealing with. Today’s Liberals are treasonous fifth columnists.

  • Spatchcocked

    They(all5) want to welch on a 123 dollar a month nut.

    And don’t anyone tell me all this was not explained in detail before they arrived here…..

  • Canadian Born

    I want my loan forgiven and not have to pay anything back. I am Canadian and that isn’t going to happen. Wait didn’t McCallum say these people were now Canadian? Taxpayers of Canada better get off their butts and fight this moron that is in charge of these refugees and immigrants or Canadians are going to have to apply for refugee status somewhere else just so we will be able to survive, and not become some of the homeless our country is well known for.