Islamic State holding estimated 3,500 slaves in Iraq, says UN

Islamic State militants have enslaved an estimated 3,500 people in Iraq, primarily women and children from the Yazidi community, a UN report says.

The report says the terror group has committed atrocities in Iraq that may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

“This report lays bare the enduring suffering of civilians in Iraq and starkly illustrates what Iraqi refugees are attempting to escape when they flee to Europe and other regions,” said the UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein. “This is the horror they face in their homelands.”

  • V10_Rob

    Shhhh….. You hear that? From Merkel and Trudeau and Obama and the rest of the left?

    * crickets *


  • Spatchcocked

    atrocities by ISIS that MAY constitute war crimes… saith the arab head of the UN human rights commission…

    everything is corrupted ….everything ….

    • Ed

      “corrupted” implies a moral compass that’s gone astray… just as one wouldn’t say a lion is corrupt because it eats a newly born gazelle, these assholes are what they are. The liberal conceit that we’re all the same, but for a supportive environment is the delusion of our times.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Muslim human rights are an oxymoron.