Iran bans use of the word ‘wine’ and names of ‘foreign animals’ in books

Iran’s culture ministry has decided to censor the use of the word “wine” and the names of “foreign animals” and dignitaries from any books published in the Islamic Republic.

The new rules are designed to protect Iranians from what the regime calls a “cultural onslaught” by the West.

Mohammad Selgi, the head of book publishing at the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, said: “When new books are registered with us, our staff first have to read them page by page to make sure whether they require any editorial changes in line with promoting the principles of the Islamic revolution, effectively confronting the Western cultural onslaught and censoring any insult against the prophets.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As opposed to the native animals who run Iran’s religious establishment.

  • mobuyus

    Can they try banning chess again?

  • Martin B

    So much for “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou”.

  • vimy

    hey. Sounds just like Quebec’s language police

    • Justin St.Denis

      What a fucking ridiculous comparison/comment. Stupid, too. You serve as a good argument FOR abortion, Skippy.

      • vimy
        • Justin St.Denis

          I’ve never lived in Quebec, but the Quebeckers I have known in my time seemed to have quite robust senses of humour.

          BTW, it is feeble in the extreme to take umbrage in “humour” when one’s broadstroke smear is challenged. Man up, Skippy. Pull up your pants and try to exit stage left with as much dignity as you can muster. I’m being kind here.

          • vimy

            Did I say you were from Quebec. I said Quebec has no sense of humor. You made an assumption and you were wrong. I stand by my fuck you to Quebec as well.

            As I was raised there my opinion of the place holds more water then yours, for me anyway.

            You attacked me personally in your original comment and I have not attacked you personally in any way in my responses. If you did not like my comment or agree with it say so but by attacking and insulting me, all you have done is devalue your participation and opinions on this site and the quality of the site itself.

          • Justin St.Denis


            You’re funny, Skippy. You should look up “narcissism” in the listings of psychiatric disorders. Oh, BTW, I am not speaking metaphorically, either.

            Thanks for the chuckles, Skippy.

  • UCSPanther

    The Ayatollahs suck…

    How much do they suck?

    They suck so much, that they suck the cum right out of a camel’s cock…

  • xavier

    What a payhetically brittle regime. If the bearded turbans had the swaggering self confidrnce they emote during the Friday sermons were real, they needn’t woryy. But as they have absolutely nothing to offer do the asscrats have to immiserate everyonr else’s live so thrir self esteem is reaffirmed

  • tom_billesley

    The authors of all self-published vanity tomes should be encouraged to send them to Iran. Burn out their censors’ minds.

  • marty_p

    Makes sense in a world run by these guys:

  • Hard Little Machine

    they need to ban literacy itself.

    • mobuyus

      Male literacy rates are dropping exponentially in muslim majority cultures, they will always do it to themselves.