Goodwill CEO classic case of ‘failing upwards’

At a brief 10-minute press conference Monday afternoon at Goodwill’s nearly-empty warehouse, CEO Keiko Nakamura told the media she was “thinking about” the 430 employees who suddenly found themselves out of work due to an apparent cash flow crisis.

“I’m doing everything I can to bring clarity to this situation as soon as possible… I humbly ask for your patience during this tremendously difficult time,” she said, her eyes welling up with crocodile tears.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The CEO of Goodwill earning $250,000 per year is ridiculous, Goodwill should have been able to find a retired individual to run the company for a lot less.

    • canminuteman

      When Mrs Minuteman heard this story she told me she hasn’t shopped there in years because they are too expensive. She now goes to Value Village instead. I have never shopped at Goodwill because the idea of wearing dead peoples old clothes grosses me out. She buys clothes for the kids at Value Village for very cheap. We might as well, they grow out of them so fast they never wear them out. I have come to like Value Village for second hand books. They’re cheap enough to read then toss.

      • FactsWillOut

        You could always read them and give them back to VV.
        Same with the clothes.

        • canminuteman

          The books actually go to the library. They sell them to raise money for there own collection. I had a bit of a book fetish. I spent years collecting books that followed me from base to base when I was in the army. I figured one day I would have a house and room to unpack them. I have the house but still no room for all the books, so I have paired by collection considerably. I now read ebooks, and use the library as much as possible, but sometimes I can’t help myself and I buy books. I read them at work or on camping trips where I don’t want to take library books I might damage. When I’m fished I give them away or to the library.

          • FactsWillOut

            Good to hear.
            Myself, I used to have a book fetish.
            Now I have an e-reader and a library of about 50 000 books that I downloaded in pdf format.

  • Scaramouche
    • Gary

      I was shocked when I heard the Mayor David Miller talk about the GRANTS budget of $50 million needing to get an increase just to cover the inflation rate for Volunteers.
      Say what??????
      Volunteers need a raise ??

      Yes folks and taxpayers .
      I did some digging and Toronto re-defined what a Volunteer was as to pay them under the FAIR WAGE policy which is about $25.00 an hour.

      Boy was I a sucker in the 1970’s doing Volunteer work which meant NOT being paid for said work . Cutting grass and shovelling snow for Seniors as well as cleaning parks and raising money for United Way.
      Wow, $25.00 an hour today based on Minimum wage back then would have been close to $3.00 an hour .
      Smokes were around .25 cents a pack and to buy 12 packs today is over $100.00 .
      United Way stopped being a charity in the 1980’s when Ontario got into the Lottery business in the 1970’s that would vacuum up all the money from each community that had jobs related to Charity work like the Bingo Hall from cleaning staff to the Confection Booths.
      The Government took over the Charities and now has high paying Union jobs with generous Pensions doing what you to be Volunteer Work locally .
      United way is a Corporation with huge salaries and has become Political as they choose to back the popular Moral stance for views on many subjects as part of how they mete out Help. Thanks to the theft of tax dollars by Politicians the United Way just keeps growing by the demands to fill the needs neglected by Government .
      They both are running a Ponze-scheme while the needy suffer
      because close to 85% of each dollar meant for them goes to the Operational Costs for Salaries and benefits now that Volunteers have died and it’s now a Government Job for Life with a pension .
      Governments have stolen tax dollars meant to go toward social supports and used it for Political issues to stay in power or buy votes with a promise of more FREE stuff.

      The Public sector Unions are in on this too , the $25.00 an hour Volunteer wage makes sure that their job won’t be axed because the bean Counters at City Hall won’t see a huge savings to use Volunteers which are reliable either .

      Hold on tight folks, Justin will drive up the debt to $700 billion while Wynne will take Ontario’s to $400 billion.
      To them , it’s not real money because it’s some future suckers that will have to deal with it when the .80 cent of every tax dollar goes to pay the % on debt and leave just .20 to run the City and nation .