‘British sniper investigated for not shouting warning in Iraq’

A British sniper is being investigated for shooting dead an Iraqi insurgent preparing to fire a rocket propelled grenade because he did not shout a warning, according to a pressure group representing former members of the armed forces.

The group, UK Veterans One Voice, says the unidentified soldier is the subject of an inquiry by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), despite preventing an attack on a British base.

  • Martin B

    At some point all British soldiers will be investigated for not surrendering & converting to Islam.

  • Nic

    Britain has officially gone bunkers!

    • AlanUK

      Has your spellchecker gone bonkers?

      • Nic

        Ooops. Not from in English speaking country.

        • AlanUK

          Apologies – you can hardly be expected to know how to spell English slang!

  • Alain

    The sole purpose of a sniper is to take down the enemy by surprise. This is so disgusting but so typical of the neo-marxists. We had the Liberals and NDP claiming our soldiers had committed war crimes when they clearly did not. Yet the MSM in lock step ran that lie for a long time, something they did not do when they were proved innocent of the claim.

    • They’re trying to apply the same rules of engagement for soldiers at war as Police detaining a civilian lawbreaker. That’s bad enough, but they often don’t even respect the authority granted to Police for detaining lawbreakers.

  • luna

    With such ridiculous rules of engagement they might as well just surrender now.

  • V10_Rob

    So apparently the outrage of this kangaroo court is that there was a group of “civilians” * spectating around the insurgent with the RPG. Because when you’re an innocent bystander trying to keep the pieces of your life together in a warzone and you just want it to be over, your biggest priority is to go check out the guy with the rocket launcher.

    * note the massive sarcasm quotes

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Not only Britain, but western Europe has become a continent of losers.

  • Gary

    Look what happened in the case of a Canadian soldier in Afghan and Omar Khadr.

    The media paints Omar as innocent because nobody saw him throw the grenade that killed Medic Spears .
    Fine, but the STAR and CBC went after our Soldier that was alleged to have shot a Taliban POW that was bleeding to death in a remote area where a chopper was at least 30 minutes away .
    The leftist liberal progressives and the STAR/CBC had convicted the Soldier in the News reports as guilty of a War Crime even when his case was the same as Omar’s where NOBODY actually saw him shoot the POW.

    Reason # 382 why we should axe the CBC that has be anti-Canada and pro-Jihad for years now and loves to defend muslim terrorist while bashing our Troops.

    Innocent until proven non-muslim

  • Ed

    “Ahoy there!” Yes you! I’m about to send a projectile towards you! Would you care to step aside?

    For FUCK sakes!!!!

  • Everyone Else

    … next they will get a few former soldiers to fake claim they shot illegally …

    welcome to the world of crap field tested in the left wing war against israel

  • Canadian

    Snipers warning the scum before firing?
    This is worse than Obola`s ROE!


      How this suppose to be done? By high-power megaphones?

      • Canadian

        By mail.

        • FIREBRED

          Snail mail, or email?

          • Canadian

            Snail, as long as the letter is postmarked before the shot.

  • Barrington Minge

    Oh please! Get the bloody lawyers off their backs.
    The whole point of a sniper is that the target DOESN’T hear or see the bullet coming!!!

  • AlanUK

    It would appear that this was the third time the gent concerned had tried to fire a grenade at the same target, from the same position. Put it own as a lesson in field tactics – he sacrificed his life for the education of the other terrorists.