Britain To Shut Down Illegal Muslim Schools & Ban Veil In Classrooms

Illegal schools teaching extremism are operating underground in Britain, minsters admit as they back teachers’ right to ban the veil from the classroom

Tens of illegal schools are operating in Britain, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan today warned on the second day of a government crackdown on extremism.

Mrs Morgan is due to unveil a series of policies, including a website with advice on recognising when a teenager is drifting toward extreme ideas, adding to controversial measures unveiled by David Cameron yesterday.

She also backed the right of schools to ban both teachers and pupils from wearing the veil – echoing remarks from the Prime Minister yesterday that public bodies such as courts should be allowed to tell people to show their face.


Justin will fund these types of schools in Canada with Tax dollars. Mark my words.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Justin will not only fund these schools. I predict he will visit and be a guest speaker at one or more of these Muslim schools, too. Just a matter of time.

    • Surele Surele

      “I predict he will visit and be a guest speaker at one or more of these Muslim schools” – and no doubt charge them bug $$$ for the ‘speaking engagement”

    • Gary

      Omar Khadr will give lessons for how to make IED’s which Justin will give him a huge Grant to teach islamic values.

  • pdxnag

    An unveiled “Muslim” student will still grow up and give birth to a litter of Jihadis. Unveiling is a wholly ineffective substitute for total expulsion of all Muslims.

    • Gary

      The muslims in CA claimed that the SB jihadimooners that slaughter 14 Americans at their x-mas party weren’t real muslims .
      But get this , CAIR and the muslim community are petitioning the CPS
      ( US version of our CAS) so that the Jihadists 3 month old baby they left behind get adopted in to a Muslim family.

      Hmmmm, so they weren’t muslims when they went JIHAD to slaughter 14 people, but somehow they are now Muslims that had a muslim baby that should go to a muslim family .
      Right , like one of the relatives that kept their mouth shut over the Jihad plot , or the Imam’s family that won’t help the FBI investigate any Jihadist links in the community .

      They are all Peaceful Muslims until they go jihad , then they aren’t true muslims as if that buys much comfort for the families of the SB deaths or the 9 /11 families .

  • Martin B

    If that’s what ministers are willing to admit, you know the real situation is much worse.

  • Millie_Woods

    Notice that they’re not banning the veil in schools. They’re giving schools the ‘right’ to ban the veil. Big difference. Also they’re ‘going’ to shut down illegal schools, they haven’t actually shut any down. Cameron’s just pretending to do something. He’s powerless and he knows it.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The proof of the pudding, as they say.

    • Brett_McS

      That’s SOP for the sop.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Watch all the nutcase Muslims in Britain move to Canada because they know Stupid will acquiesce to their demands.

    • Gary

      The women are already pouring in from France as refugees. Our insane refugees system allows them into Canada first to make their claim if they want , so these muslimas from France land at the Airport and make a refugees claim based on wearing the Hijab and Niqab as victims of islamophobia and a fear for harm if sent back .

      I wish I was joking , but muslims caught onto this scam to get into canada for the welfare and housing and pump out more Jihad -jane’s or jihad-ahmed’s .

      Randy Quad is still in Canada as a refugee from his claim about 4 years ago , close to 1000 American’s each year try to scam the system because they know that they get all the Benefits and Housing which sure beats those ghetto hell-holes back home.

  • That’s what happens when Legislators base immigration/refugee policy on cheap slogans like “No One Is Illegal”. Legislators are not being reimbursed with fat six-figure salaries plus benefits to craft laws that require no deeper forethought than something that can be printed on a bumper sticker.