Breitbart News is #12 Facebook publisher

From Breitbart Big Journalism:

Breitbart News #12 Facebook Publisher Overall; #7 for FB Shares; #5 in the World for FB Comments

The site, founded by the late Andrew Breitbart, aimed explicitly at providing news one would bot hear from legacy media, whacked by the Internet, and currenty seeking refuge as PR for big government. More.

Reality check: Breitbart’s Big Journalism is very helpful in tracking PR media narratives and offering the information that is left out or buried.

Fundamentally, Breitbart is so big that it may be difficult for Facebook to just aggress against it. CEO Zuckerberg would be risking startup competitors with plenty of eager customer support.

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Can new media fill the info gap in Mexico’s drug wars? New media may help in the long run for a structural reason: They feature no “gatekeeper” role such as held by the veteran journalist quoted above, who felt she had failed.


But they are not “news giants” any more And, as we struggle to explain, we are constantly tripped up by  that type of confusing terminology