Alberta’s Catholic schools face ‘watershed moment’ as trustees defy the bishops on gender policies: priest

EDMONTON, Alberta, January 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — An Alberta Catholic school trustee and the chair of a Catholic school board believe that Catholic parents should not have been sent home a strongly worded letter from Calgary Bishop Fred Henry last week that denounced the NDP government’s new “gender identity” guidelines as “totalitarian” and “anti-Catholic.”

Edmonton Catholic school trustee Patricia Grell apologized on her blog last Friday after fellow school trustees voted to forward Bishop Henry’s letter to parents.

  • Clinton

    It’s encouraging that Bishops Terrio and Henry and Archbishop Smith
    aren’t rolling over on this. I’m hoping that those trustees and school
    board members who are so surprised that the Catholic schools they
    work for are actually Catholic will be looking for jobs soon.

    • Katyn

      Are these people not Catholic themselves? What hypocrites.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Many of today’s alleged Roman Catholics were led astray by the RC evangelical movement of the 1980s, an embarrassing period for the RC Church when even “speaking in tongues” was embraced by many priests and bishops. It was a crazy time, and left lasting damage in its wake.

        • johnbrooks3

          You might just regret saying those words Justin. Sad.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Why might I regret it? And why is that sad? Are you some kind of oracle given to speaking in vague, oblique terms? Explain what you mean, Skippy. Otherwise, piss off and don’t waste my time.

        • The RC “Charismatic Movement” wasn’t all bad — it created a lot of genuine spiritual devotion because the experience was “personal” rather than purely ritual.

          Problem is, some of the Clergy started experimenting with other stuff — political stuff such as Marxist “Liberation Theology”. That’s where militant Left ideology infiltrated the Church — subverted spiritual devotion with Marxist materialism (i.e. essentially secular atheism).

          • Justin St.Denis

            The “charismatic” word eluded me when I originally posted my comment. Thank you. 😉

            And you are right about the whole Liberation Theology thing. That was embarrassing, but consistent with Jesuit political history. Hence my trepidation regarding Pope Evita. 😉

  • BillyHW

    What a bunch of bleeding cunts on the school board. Keep your sons far, far away from them.

  • Minicapt

    Need to reintroduce the “Communion Forbidden” List.


  • simus1

    It is encouraging to find there are more “weather vanes” than “solid hammers and sickles” at the RC school board.
    People need to remember that it took about three years of nonstop union backed public thuggery to grind Ontario’s newly elected Harris Government to an almost caretaker mode standstill for the remainder of its two terms. Those who wish to bide their time and sort things out “at the next election” could not be more wrong.
    And that is an equally good reminder for the inept crowd of zombies at the fed CP.