Who Is Betraying the Palestinians?

Every Arab regime has, at one time or another, used the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an excuse to oppress its people. Our fellow Muslims have been happy to use us as a pretext: We are waging war because of the Palestinians. We refuse to fight because of the Palestinians. We cannot do what you want because of the Palestinians. At no time did they ever seriously seek to resolve the conflict — nor did they ever want to.

  • V10_Rob

    The only time Arabs care about Palestinians is when they can use the them to beat Israel over the head with. The rest of the time, they regard them as little better than animals.

    Imagine a stereotypical wealthy Californian with Mexican gardeners and housekeepers. A limo liberal who says all the right things in public, but who looks down their noses at their Mexican servants with all the contempt a southern plantation aristocrat would have had for his slaves. Then dial it up.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Never mind the prophesies of the Koran referred to by the author. The prophesies of the Bible are coming to pass despite the intense hostility and seeming impossibility of restoring the Jewish State. The fulfillment of these prophesies is ongoing, with the enemies of Israel turning on each other as foretold. The return of the Mahdi may be the author’s dream, but the Covenant of Abraham is proving to be the reality.

  • Frances

    Israelis openly say that – to the Arabs – Palestinians are expendable. Should Israel fall, the lives of Palestinians are worth nothing.