Prof DEBUNKS New America Foundation study claiming right-wing extremists in U.S. more deadly than Islamic terrorists

A widely touted study claiming right-wing extremism is more deadly than Islamic terrorism in the United States has been debunked by a history professor who shows that, in actuality, there have been 62 Americans killed by Islamic terrorists in the U.S. for every one American killed by right-wing extremists.

Right Wing Extremism vs. Islamic Extremism in the United States: A Look at the Numbers

  • luna

    Focusing on “successful” terror attacks inside the U.S. misses the key point which is that the ideology that fuels Islamic warfare is on the rise globally.

    • It also ignores the massive effort to prevent Muslim terrorists.

      • And they can’t definitively include Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing in that stat anymore, because there’s an American journalist that has pretty good evidence McVeigh’s partner was an Iraqi Muslim — a connection McVeigh made after he did his Iraq tour. She’s awaiting release of a surveillance video which the FBI has been dragging its feet on.

        Sorry Cat I don’t have any links at hand but I’ll look for them again (did an in-depth study on McVeigh a few weeks ago — lots of garbage out there but also some very compelling stuff).

        • UCSPanther

          There were also rumors that McVeigh’s accomplice, Terry Nichols, was visiting the Philippines and meeting with an Al-Quada operative there for “technical assistance” on bomb-building…

          • Yep, saw that too. Lots of stuff to sift through but a few good nuggets makes you want to dig further.

            I just found the name of the journalist who’s trying to get the surveillance tape (this stuff sounds old but apparently it’s a recent investigation from a journalistic standpoint):
            Jayna Davis — here’s a corollary link:

            Maybe our American friends can help out — I have no idea if she’s for real, another conspiracy theorist, or somebody just trying to sell books. She seemed serious enough in the vids I watched.

          • Minicapt

            She was a news reporter in OK City at the time of the bombing and has continued exploring the evidence.



        • mauser 98

          release of a surveillance video?
          like ones from the Pentagon , Navy Yard , San Bernardino , Aurora , Sandy Hook events ?

          • I think I used the wrong terminology. They’re building security tapes, taken from various nearby buildings — hence different angles. At least one of them has been released to the public. I’ve watched it — McVeigh appears in it, but you can’t make out who was on the passenger side.

            The tape they are trying to get released is the one that actually shows the blast, and the minutes leading up to the blast, from a different angle.

            What say you, snowball’s chance in hell they’ll release it?

            If not, another key to unlock the door is Nichols — apparently he’s willing to give interviews but has been kept practically “incomunicado” from the press for the last 20 years. Not that I feel sorry for the guy, but it’s about time we shed some light on all this “right-wing terrorism” bullshit. The Left either has to put up, or shut up.

          • mauser 98

            have read OKC was Clinton response to the large growth of state militia membership after Waco massacre.
            …blame the right wing bitter clingers
            McVey, Nichols were connected to Michigan Militia
            Bill Clinton spoke,had open anger towards Mich. Militia short wave broadcasts in the 90’s.. really got to him
            Southern Poverty Law Center , Eric Holder , Janet Reno, FBI agents from Ruby Ridge event … lotsa dark characters involved.

            who knows?

          • Lots of elaborate conspiracy stuff to sift through. Fascinating, but I prefer parsimony. As far as anything “conspiratorial” I might accept the possibility that one of agencies had explosives temporarily stored in the Murrah building, which would account for the inordinate amount of damage — not likely to be caused by the truck bomb alone. Agencies storing explosives there would probably be illegal, and would raise the death toll significantly. Nevertheless McVeigh set off the bomb that would have set off everything else.

            Anyway it’s incidental to what McVeigh was up to — still think there’s a possible Muslim connection to the guy, or he may have been motivated by simple rage after witnessing what happened at Waco — nothing ideological about it. Too much conflicting evidence for the “right-wing terrorism” thesis. My two cents, for what it’s worth.

  • Alain

    First we need to define what is meant by “right-wing extremists” by those who throw the term around. In this case it mean patriotic Americans who resist national suicide. Next applying the same rule to “Islamic extremism” gives us devout Muslims.

    • The study was pure left wing propaganda.

    • Physics grad

      “right-wing extremists” = anyone who votes for a conservative and opposes the “progressive” nazis of the left.

  • It really doesn’t matter — there’s no global dictatorial conspiracy by right-wing extremists. What’s their ideology — beer and pizza? And who funds them — Jerry’s Taxi Service? Besides, the location of the right-wing “Caliphate” is yet to be determined — the last time I attended a secret meeting at the Whispering Pines trailer park, Bubba got too drunk and the meeting had to be adjourned.

    • mauser 98

      KKK is 20 undercover FBI agents and 2 unemployed janitors
      CNN , mainstream media , Democrats love the KKK. makes for great stories

      • Ha! You’re probably right about that — there’s probably only one or two guys who are actually KKK — the rest are all undercovers, investigative journalists, etc. The Left is so paranoid that they got it saturated.

        I remember a number of years ago there was something similar going on in the old Reform Party Movement in Canada. Somebody whispered “Nazi” and the RCMP pounced with undercovers. I think by the time they got through with the investigation everybody turned out to be undercover cops — there were no Nazis to begin with!

        • Clausewitz

          It’s like the MMO’s that are played online where the Men are men, the women are men, and all of the children characters are from the FBI.

  • canminuteman

    I think the fear of right wing extremists is the fear of what we right wing extremists might be forced to do if the left continues pushing down the path they are pushing down. The US was born in revolution and its biggest was the Civil war. The precedent has been set. It’s not like either of these two events couldn’t happen again.

    • David

      “I think the fear of right wing extremists is the fear of what we right wing extremists might be forced to do if the left continues pushing down the path they are pushing down.”


      • Yep, hence the sudden attention to private gun ownership — they know they are going to push too far. It’s a pre-emptive strike.

        Only one objection — I don’t consider myself an extremist. I’m still basically a laissez-faire hippie in philosophy from the ’60’s. But if somebody keeps beating on me unprovoked, I’ll eventually fight back — I believe in the principle of self-defense. Even when the Man from Nazareth said you have to “turn the other cheek”, a disciple asked him how many times. He said “seventy times seven” — that’s 490 times. You hit me that 491st time then I’m going to explode on you like a nuclear warhead. That’s what the Left doesn’t understand (nor do the Islamists). They’re up to about 485 unrequited slaps — 5 more to go.

    • Marxism is built on a specific conflict theory — without conflict Marxism doesn’t progress. It’s foundational to Marx’s thinking. The only thing “different” about Marxism today is the conflict can be artificial — fabricated — you can deliberately create it. That’s something Marx never envisioned — it was supposed to happen naturally. A lot more to it than that, but’s that’s it in a nutshell (won’t bore you with Leninism etc. which was another attempt at “short-cutting” what was supposed to be a natural political process).

      Of course the whole thing is balderdash, but if you don’t understand how Marxists think you can never defeat them because you can’t predict their actions. Same goes for Islamism, which I am only beginning to understand.

  • UCSPanther

    The SPLC beats the drum of “Right-wing extremism” all the time, but even they are forced to admit that the groups they are obsessed with are no more than a pack of grotesque freaks who are as disorganized as they are repulsive.

    A cross-section of the “Neo-Nazi” movement (By definition, the one that reveres Adolf Hitler) reveals nothing more than a pack of criminals, crazies, junkies, degenerates and edgelords. They are almost not worth mentioning except in the context of being street hoodlums.

  • Physics grad

    If Right-Wing Extremists In U.S. were Really More Deadly Than Islamic Terrorists, then Obama would have been Assassinated in his first term

    • David

      aint it the truth

    • Alain

      He prefers having the IRS to go after them.

  • mauser 98

    right wing extremist is now dog whistle code for a heterosexual , married , parent , charitable , conservative voting , employed , tax paying , no criminal record , community volunteer , perhaps gun owning , educated white male