Missing American security contractors in Iraq taken from ‘illicit parties’ flat

Iraqi officials searching for three American security contractors who went missing in Baghdad last week said they had been seized from an apartment where they had been taken “for drinking and women”.

An alert was raised for the three contractors, whose names have not been formally released but were said to be two men and a woman of Iraqi origin with American passports, after they were reported missing in the city on Friday night.

Local reports suggested they had been seized by a Shia militia – one of a number loyal to Iran – and taken to Sadr City, a working class Shia enclave in the east of Baghdad.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They were duped into going there, they should have known better.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I don’t think they were duped.
      They were careless.

    • Canadian

      Money,money, money!

      • Ron MacDonald

        I was referring to the party girls, I’ve been all over the world with the military, one thing you never do is let the locals lead you somewhere. Ninety-nine percent of the time you’re being set up.

        • Canadian

          Right. But I was referring to the reason they were there.

  • bob e

    being there sounds logical to me .. muslims are always the scummers who are the cause for this. foe, friend .. don’t matter.
    they are MUSLIM. whatever they do to the kufar gets them cudo’s with the rest of alahs ass lickers .. nothing else matters ..
    they just stumbled upon this place ?? led there by
    their translators ?? bawdy house famous in all of Iraq ?? yea ..
    u name it. not smart guy’s .. but lets have the entire tale.

  • luna

    Well this is no problem since the militia is loyal to Iran & Obama is bff with Iranian leaders.