Former Intelligence Chairman Warns ‘Stealth Jihad’ Is Moving Through The West

A Michigan congressman for 18 years, the native-born Dutchman is a man of integrity and candor who has seen American statecraft up close. His years in politics gives Hoekstra the perspective that “the ruling elite in Washington is becoming disconnected from citizens.”

Hoekstra said when former President George W. Bush and Obama claim “Islam is a religion of peace,” many citizens are taken aback. Americans think,“’Whoa. They’re beheading Christians. They’re suicide bombers. They’re taking gays and lesbians and throwing them off the tops of buildings and they’re selling women into sex slavery. That doesn’t kind of look like a religion of peace to me,’” Hoekstra said in the interview.

  • BillyHW

    It doesn’t sound like a religion of peace to me either, but what do I know. The pope says it’s peaceful.

    • tom_billesley

      The peace of the charnel house.

  • Dana Garcia

    Too bad the Daily Caller is only worth checking once a week for Ginni Thomas’ excellent interviews. The DC has become boring after the loss of Mickey Kaus and Neil Munro.

  • Alain

    It is only “stealth” for the traitors and wilfully blind.

  • Oil and beef

    Post one on Canada’s parliament buildings too. PM Turdeau can’t get enough of Islam.
    I think the long spell he spent in the mosque last year was hammering out a contract with Islamists not to say a discouraging word about them in return for votes.