Demolition of The Jungle finally begins

French authorities have finally begun the demolition of the notorious Jungle camp in Calais, where several thousand migrants and refugees live.

Riot police entered the camp early on Monday morning, to assist in the clearing up of a part of the camp where French authorities are set to bulldoze a 330ft ‘buffer zone’ between the camp and the adjacent motorway, which leads to the ferry port.

Last week, the local government in Calais announced that a third of the camp, an area home to some 1,500 of the camp’s 6,000 residents, was to be destroyed, and those living in the area moved to purpose-built housing.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A month from now the new place will look the the shit-hole they just left.

  • Spatchcocked

    moved them from jerry built tents to government provided trailers….
    well done1

  • Alain

    Were the French serious the whole lot would be destroyed and the invaders sent packing. This is why the West continues losing the war.

  • Reader
  • Maggat

    They’d have been better off to save the tent city and bulldoze the migrants.

  • Ed

    Everywhere they go looks the same.