Danish nightclubs demand guests have to speak Danish, English or German to be allowed in after ‘foreign men in groups’ attack women

A number of Danish nightclubs have started demanding that guests can make themselves understood in English, German or the native tongue to be allowed entry.

The language requirements have reportedly been put in place in several establishments across Denmark in the wake of reports of ‘foreign men in groups’ harassing female guests.

This comes just days after Denmark was criticised by the UN over a proposal to confiscate valuables from asylum seekers in order to finance accommodation and benefits.

  • eMan14

    There are so few bright spots in Europe. Denmark is one of them.

    • lolwut?

      Until now, Denmark has been almost as bad as Sweden.
      They have Jihadists who openly march in the streets
      and some of these marches put Choudary’s to shame.

  • Med1

    Kudos to Denmark! Continue to fight the good fight.

    • David Murrell

      But wait until he EU Human Rights Commission comes down hard on these Danish bars. The EU supports sexual assaults on women, by Muslim men.

  • Xavier

    Obama will fix these racists when he becomes King of the Solar System, I mean Sec-Gen of the UN.

  • Sekigahara

    Many from the ME and other Islamic hellholes can speak.passable English, therefore I suggest a further test before entry, the eating of a bacon sandwich.

  • Hard Little Machine

    there’s a running joke that not even Danes can speak Danish and no one who does can understand anyone else who does either.