The Problem with Islam Is Aggressive Scripture, Not Aggressive ‘Traditionalism’

In the Corner this week, the eminent Jim Talent touted (with some reservations) an essay about “moderate Islam” by Cheryl Bernard. A Rand Institute researcher, she is also a novelist, a defender of war-ravaged cultures, and the wife of Zalmay Khalilzad, the former U.S. ambassador to post-Taliban (or is it pre-Taliban?) Afghanistan. With due respect to Dr. Bernard, who does much heroic work, I believe the essay highlights what is wrong with Western academic analysis of Islam.

h/t Marvin

  • ontario john

    The CBC kept saying this morning that it would cover Trudeau’s talk about the murder of six Canadians during his trip to Peterborough. It never happened, nor was it shown on CTV. Like in Germany the media didn’t want to give the wrong impression of islam by having Trudeau speak of muslims murdering Canadians while he is at a mosque surrounded by women with bags over their heads. Our little boy prince asked for a moment of silence and contemplation for the victims at the mosque. Wouldn’t want to upset the muslims with a prayer.

    • I do not believe anyone has been charged with that mosque arson, in fact I do not believe there is even a suspect description, at least one that has been made public.

      How can they label it a “hate-crime” without a suspect?

    • gxp01

      Yet there were countless media/news outlets who were quick to report about some Muslims being pepper-sprayed in Vancouver, BC lol! The hypocrisy and double-standard….

      In response to the blogpost, I say it’s both. They literally apply those core concepts (5 pillars of islam and sharia) in their very core (ie: daily life) that pretty much gives them a free pass to not separate state and religion thanks to certain “amendments”.

  • tom_billesley

    There’s no problem with Islam. The problem is Islam.

    • Alain