Overnight Thread…

  • ontario john

    With six Canadians being murdered in cold blood by the religion of peace, where in our Prince this Sunday. Why he is in Peterborough where I’m sure he will be posing for selfies at the mosque that was burned to the ground and thousands of innocent muslims were slaughtered by gun toting fishermen and hunters. And good news for Alberta this morning. The CBC is reporting that Notley is going to replace coal with massive solar projects. Green energy has worked out so well in Ontario. And the Sunday Star is filled with the usual anti conservative crap, including the typical socialist answer from Thomas Walkom on the the high price of produce. We must eat cabbage instead. Sound very soviet of him doesn’t it. Oh, and close down the oilsands.

    • David Murrell

      Thomas Walcolm is one unhinged writer, working first at the left-wing Globe and Mail, before moving to the El Starriza.

  • tom_billesley

    The British Foreign Secretary has still to decide whether to designate the Paris attacks as an act of terrorism. I wonder what he’s waiting for.

    • Interesting as it deals with whether compensation is paid out. Euro terror stats are notoriously misreported.

  • Xavier

    France closes down 3 mosques – 334 war grade weapons found – 223 arrests

    “This latest raid comes as authorities in a number of European countries crackdown on mosques suspected of being a breeding ground for extremists cells operating in the continent.”


    We, however, are incapable of learning from the experiences of others.

    • Speisa quoted an old article.

      • Xavier

        Well, crap. I hate it when they do that. Good catch.

        • I have some issues with Speisa’s reliability.

          • Xavier

            It popped up this morning on an aggregator. I’ll look a little more closely next time. Shoebat as reliable as Speisa?

      • It’s irritating when bloggers don’t put the publication date. Some don’t even put authorship and place of publication. Otherwise excellent news articles are useless if you don’t have a clue whether it was published in August 2003, or January 2016. It’s like that all over the Internet — violates the most basic rules of journalism. Even large mainstream media such as the CBC doesn’t put publication dates in many of their online archival files. Totally useless as a reference.

  • tom_billesley

    Nomination for bright idea of the week goes to Malta, again on the front line.
    ‘Patriots’ hand out pork sandwiches ahead of anti-Islam protest

  • Xavier

    President Rouhani says ‘as of today the restriction on oil exports from our country is lifted’

    With oil below $30 bbl, what effect will this have?