Muslim Terrorists: ‘They would check if the white people were moving then shoot them again’

Survivors of the harrowing attack in Burkina Faso have described how jihadis targeted Westerners by executing those who looked to be European as they lay injured after being gunned down.

At least one American and six Canadians, as well as French, Dutch and Swiss nationals are among the 29 people from 18 different countries killed during the 15-hour terror attack by Al-Qaeda militants.

Burkinabe special forces, assisted by 30 French special forces, broke the lengthy siege last night by storming the Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou. Three of the gunmen were killed after a firefight before the hotel was re-captured by special forces.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The Ant-FA/Anti-Racism protesters will be out to protest this, right?
    Because killing people for the color of their skin is exactly what they want to prevent, right?

  • Alain

    The enemy appears to have very different rules of engagement.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Maybe Obama bin Kenya didn’t brief them on all that pussy footing with the enemy stuff he’s so big on.

  • canminuteman

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the westerners killed in BF. BF is one of the biggest dumps on the planet. Any westerner who is there is either aiding and abetting the regime in power, or working for a corporation that profits in a state run by third world kleptocrats. If you are stupid enough to go there as a tourist, we’re better off that you have been culled from the gene pool. Help me here. Is there a good reason for a westerner to be there?

    • None really. All muslim states should be quarantined.

    • Surele Surele

      nope. not one. always fought with my relatives who vacationed in muslim countries just because it was cheaper. they did not care whom they were supporting with their euros. not any more. too scared, are we?

      • mauser 98

        a friends daughter and girlfriend (earl 20’s) wanted to travel to Egypt together about 8 years ago.
        i stopped it… told dad it’s not happening

    • NSA social media content farm

      most likely they were working for an NGO, or they were Christian missionaries, in the country trying to help people there. a lot of thanks they got for trying to help

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Some people are beyond help.

      • canminuteman

        I hate to be mean to missionaries because they are good people trying to do good, but they really do need a reality check.

        • NSA social media content farm

          exactly, there are plenty of poor and disadvantaged people in North America, no need to run over to Africa and “help” those people, who often hate Westerners and hate Christians.

  • Icebow

    Never in history has there been a pop-up as annoying and instantly closable as ‘You might also like’.

    • canminuteman

      I use chrome as a browser and have the filter set so that non of that comes up at all. It did on my old computer and it drove me nuts.

      • DMB

        Chome is great on a computer, tablet but terrible for mobile since it doesn’t recognize any adblock software.

        • Icebow

          I have Adblock Plus, but have avoided Chrome, Google being evil and all.

        • Exile1981

          i use pale moon on my tablet.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Well, I guess there should be a warning issued by health Canada to people traveling to to North Africa and the M.E., saying if you get shot by someone for some odd reason, DON’T TWITCH!

    • Justin’s government would blame the victim.

      • Surele Surele

        so they should. so they should. (sarc)

  • David Murrell

    Note that one day after the six Canadians were murdered, Prime Minister Trudeau is hobnobbing with a radical imam in Peterborough. That shows class. ,

    • simus1

      When talking to infidels, muslims are enjoined by the koran to never disparage other muslims. Even if they are the world’s worth filth. The feeble “those perps (caught flagrante delicto) aren’t real muslims is the usual out.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      To NOT hobnob would be racist.
      Actually, you can only maintain your anti racist cred if you get a photo opp with the same religion that just butchered a bunch of innocents.
      Bonus points are awarded if you say you condemn all terrorism, and say that all religion spawns terrorism… like the crusades.

      This is the process of selectively elevating righteous victim groups while chastising the white male CIS-gendered Christian oppressors.

      The Cathloc Priest who molests boys is not denounced as a lying manipulative homosexual peadophile, but as a Christian, even if it were the Christaians that already had rules in place that proscribed such behavior and we even the ones that stopped him.
      When a Muslum slaughters a bunch of people in the name of Islam for the glory of Allah in emulation of their prophet Mohammad, then they will merely criticize ALL religions but never single out Islam.

    • Gary

      He was quick to condemn the alleged Pepper Spray story in Vancouver to syrian refugees but went into hiding over the 2 Somali Muslims trying to murder Canadian’s in that Bar in Calgary .
      Justin sold-out canada awhile back .
      He even used his Mother and Wife to promote Sharia Law .

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        What a repulsive asshole!

        • El Martyachi

          Expect very bad shit from him.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I’m somewhat concerned at what will happen if he starts peeing on Trump’s leg.
            His father was mostly ignored but those that knew better here quietly seethed and Canada’s influence on U.S. statecraft rivaled that of Iceland and still hasn’t recovered fully to those that were there at the time and heard that junk.
            Yeah, things might get a bit ‘sporty’ between those two.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Have they had their Clitoredectomy yet? One wonders.

  • DMB

    In Islam the Muslim ‘prophet’ is considered to be the ‘perfect’ human being. Arabs particularly from the Arabian Gulf region take it one step further were they consider Arabs as the master race despite the fact as a racial and ethnic group they have contributed the least amount that would be considered beneficial to the human race in the last 1400 years. So when other racial groups such as Persians, Turks, Bosnians for example who have had their culture heritage expunged from existence in exchange for an Arab culture one has to wonder why they even bother following that religion since they would not be considered equal to an Arab. Since Islam is so strongly against western civilization it would therefore be an anti white religion as it is determined not to just convert people to Islam but destroy 1000’s of years of the cultural heritage white people have.

  • Everyone Else

    white privilege

  • Gary

    Once the islamist kill-off all the hard working smart people , they ‘ll be back to oil lamps and sackcloth’s with nobody to fund the welfare checks.

  • Expect nothing but utter evil from Muslim killers – they follow the Koran.

  • John

    To express his condolences for 4 Quebecois that were killed Friday Justin Trudeau visited a local mosque and gave a talk on how Islam means peace. Those four Quebecois volunteers were all members of the same family ( mother, father daughter and son) and were working in tandem with a Catholic charity redoing and revamping elementary schools. Another Québecois, a secular Muslim, was killed just days before in Indonesia by fundies.

    To judge from Trudeau’s behavior, you’d think that Catholics and secularists had gunned down 5 Muslims.


    There are a lot of rumblings about this latest gaff here this morning.