Iran’s Commitment to Shia in the Region

Iran’s commitment to Shi’ite interests seems firmly linked to its idea of its mission, as well as to the survival of its revolutionary regime. Iran’s theocracy is likely willing to pay a high price to safeguard this legacy. The West should not expect Iran to reduce its presence in Syria or Iraq, even under severe military pressure.

  • Miss Trixie

    Two things for fits and giggles!

    The Sound of Muslims:

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  • Man_with_Hat

    Pretty good article. He might have explained how the British and French put minorities in charge in Iraq, Syria and Jordan after the first world war to break up the Ottoman Empire. These were surrounded by Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Lebanon was majority Christian and the Jews were in and coming to the area called Palestine, originally by the Romans. After 911, Afghanistan and the Taliban, Bush decided to go to Iraq. Dead center of it all, and Sadam had tried to assassinate his father. Sunni, Shia, Alewite, Hashemite, Ishmaeli, Ahmadiyya, it’s all Islam with minor twists, but the same Mohammed, Koran, Hadiths etc. Isolate the whole lot behind a koranic curtain. Reverse the Hijrah.
    If President Trump wants to solve the Middle East problem, he will conquer Lebanon and make it a Christian country. One thing I learned from the article is that Lebanon may be very weak right now. A second bulkhead against Islam with Israel. He’ll also tell the Arabs in Palestine that the only “Palestinians” are the Jews so they can defend Israel. The only things going across the border will be Muslims being returned from Dar al Harb and bullets for AK47’s. Let the Muslims sort themselves out.
    It’s that or flatten Mecca and make a whole lot of glass out of the rest.