Variety on Truth bomb: “CBS News has since declared “Truth” full of lies, …

“which may have hurt the film’s commercial prospects …”

From Variety:

… but regardless of what political party you belong to, it’s impossible not to be consumed by the dramatic retelling of Mapes’ story. “Truth” is carried by the best female performance of 2015, and while Blanchett will probably be Oscar nominated for her (also great) work in “Carol,” she deserves a third Academy Award for this harrowing portrait. More.

Reality check: The Variety writers regard Truth, which made only $2.5 million at box, as an “underrated” film because people shouldn’t care that the premise is known to be false. Narrative ought to trump facts!

Now Chappaquiddick is to be sanitized via new film

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The “Truth” film about Rathergate bombed at box office, but so?

  • Clink9

    Hollywood has honed bullshittery to a fine craft. Now they have to find a way to make more money off it.

  • ontario john

    Yes, but does it have a homosexual, lesbian or whiny indian character in the movie? That’s a requirement now. And for God’s sake don’t mention China.

    • Gary

      That’s why I stopped going to see movies because I saw the Template for casting where the story line came second once they had their Diversity Quota met .

      I mentioned to someone about how the media project a false-reality for commercials and TV shows along with the Government and most Corporations . But Hollywood was the only place I saw that I could trust for the truth because it’s implied that they lie and produce a false reality in pretty well anything they pump out.
      In other words, it’s tempting to trust Apple or the WWF because they just might be telling the truth this time……but Hollywood is a Red Flag to default to my position that their product Starts with a LIE and may have a micro veneer of truth. Which would be like a chocolate coated Moth Ball that would fool people at first as a candy .

  • Gary

    Obama now has NASA promoting islam for some insane reason . Don’t be shocked if Hollywood if forced to make a ” Saving Private Muhammed” or ” Band Of Muslim Brotherhood ” .
    No doubt the History books will have David Buick, Walter Chrysler , Ransom Olds , Louis Chevrolet and the Dodge brother’s being Muslims .

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Chappaquiddick should be mentioned whenever a Democrat is in the room. Just as a matter of course. Throw it in their face. Especially anyone who mentions Nixon.