Shared Values: PM Useful Idiot To Visit With Imam Who Believes Most Inhabitants Of Hell Are Women

What a fool.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Keep it up JT.
    You won’t recover from a fifty cent dollar.

    • DMB

      Especially from all those Justin Trudeau supporters who love to travel overseas particularly to the southern U.S. states and the Caribbean on vacation.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I think the Conservatives saw the storm coming and made a strategic decision.
        Better that the Liberals wear it.

        • UCSPanther

          I’ve heard that theory too. Some say that Harper may have deliberately threw the election for that reason too.

          If that was true, then he was way more clever than anyone realized…

      • Reader

        The favourite destination of all the Justin supporters I know, is Cuba.

        • UCSPanther

          To worship at the altar of a decrepit and rusted out regime that should have died with the Soviet Empire.

    • Justin plans to pull a Wynne, he will sell us all out to the public service unions etc

  • Edubeat

    Now about the women…..

  • canminuteman

    Most inhabitants of hell are women, aren’t they? It seems to be a logical conclusion to me. Why else would they try to make life hell for men in the here and now?

  • Waffle

    Just a couple of questions about this particular congregation: was it arson? did the insurance company pay out? and will Junior also visit with the Jews and Protestants who shared their space with the poor, burned-out Muslims? (Okay, okay — so that’s 3)

    • Ho Hum

      All good questions that sadly the msm will not ask because 99% of the media are either too stupid or too gutless.

      There have been no arrests yet but according to local police a flammable liquid was splashed on a wall and *then* ignited. This suggests an inside job IMO. Most of these mosque fires turn out to be inside jobs.

      As for insurance it was revealed that the mosque was covered by fire insurance but this was revealed only AFTER $110,000 was raised online! None of the over 2,000 donors were aware the fire was covered by insurance and not one media outlet was willing to ask the obvious question ; what was the mosque doing raising money online when the fire was covered by insurance?

      I tried to raise the issue on social media by sending out many tweets including to the local police. I suspect that they started asking questions because weeks later it was announced by the mosque that they would be dividing the money between two local charities. I suspect they were told by a lawyer that they could not keep the money and would face fraud charges if they did not give the money away.

      Of course the latest development was treated as another heartwarming example of charity. How wonderful of these nice Muslim’s to “pay back” the community.

      I wish there was at least one reporter with the guts to ask these tough questions of the mosque – of Trudeau and the local MP who happens to be a Muslim. The local MP promoted a campaign launched by the Canadian arm of CAIR which as we know is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

      I would ask Maryam Monsef if she is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In her twitter feed Monsef said a while back that “Sharia fascinates me”. I would ask her – as Minister of Democratic Institutions – does she want to bring in Sharia law? I would ask her why does she say it fascinates her when Sharia law should DISGUST her and any right thinking person.

      • Waffle

        Thanks for the update. Do you know which charities were blessed with the largesse?

      • Gary

        During the Arar Inquiry I saw CAIR’s Sheema Khan take the stand and try to explain her assertion that the Police are seen a racists which is why many Muslims don’t deal them. But the Government Lawyer not only pointed out that muslim immigrants come from corrupt Nations where they can’t trust the Polic , buy grilled Ms.Khan on CAIR Leaflet they hand to that asks muslims to avoid helping the RCMP or CSIS . Which was what CAIR told the Arar’s when the Ottawa terrorist Momin Khawaja was at their Mosque and being watched.

        Maryam Monsef should be asked if she condemns CAIR’s coaching of muslims to not help the Police or RCMP.

        When Omar Alghabra was head of the CAF he had the same CAIR leaflet in a PDF form asking Arabs to not help the RCMP and CSIS.
        In the USA , Sheema Khan’s buddy Nihad Awad at CAIR asks muslims to not help the FBI, this explains why every terrorist in the USA is denied by the Imam at their Mosque that they ever attended it , or even know the Jihadists as we see for the S/B slaughter last year.
        The fire-bombing of a mosque on x-mas day ended up being done by a Muslims from that mosque which the Imam said he didn’t know him and he wasn’t a regular, even though the arson was there every week for 3 years.

        Treasonous weasels protecting the Jihadists. Now Justin wants to bring in 50,000 pro-sharia jew-hating homophobic syrian refugees .

        Below is also a photo of Nihad Awad from CAIR at a pro-hamas rally where you can see a Hezballah flag .
        Sheema Khan sure has lots of pro-jihad friends while she claimed that CAIR spoke for the Moderate peaceful muslims.

  • Gary

    Hmmm, so Justin was quick to assign blame to this as were the Police ( which are forced to anyway) to claim it was a hate-crime just like the allegations of that Pepper Spray case at syrian refugees in Vancouver that Justin condemned as well.

    But he sure was slow and didn’t want to assign blame when 2 devout Somali muslims conspired to shot-up that bar in Calgary that could have killed several but only injured one.
    So a damaged mosque with NO witnesses or video evidence from security cameras gets assigned to white Canadian islamophopbes as a hate-crime.
    Yet a video of 2 muslims conspiring to drive up to the infidel bar and shot it up for allah must not be used to assign blame until the Police are finished their work and the Court makes a ruling is was a hate-crime.

    Thanks Justion , we’re is good as dead until your Policy where we are
    ” Innocent until proven non-muslim ” .
    Police Chief Blair was forced to go public and tell the Media that the Toronto-18 muslim male pakistani- background Terrorists had NOTHING to do with islam or being muslims or the pakastani community.
    No big shack that Blair ran for Justin Liberals, he was always pro-choice and refused to enforce the federal laws that protect children in public from the naked males in the PRIDE parade while little girls were around . McGuinty and Wynne refuse to order their Attorney Gen to enforce the Federal Law as well because Ontario is becoming a Pedophile friendly Province which is supported by the news that the Government funded CAMH wants Wynne to make pedophilia as mental Illness from birth and protected by the Charter as a disability .
    CAMH wants the Police to only be able to arrest a pedophile after a child is harmed.

    These Liberals are sick and twisted bastards tossing children to perverts and becoming so Liberal that there won’t be a need for the Police since nothing will be a crime against society.

    Muslim males love Wynne and Justin because these two dolts WILL legalize sex with children once they get Sharia Law in Canada .

  • winniec

    Prime Dhimmi-ster. Prime Idiot.
    Justine’s plan to Islamize Canada is a sell-out to his Muslim masters. The Libtards have chosen the most ILLIBERAL people on earth to be their strategic allies. The only question who will betray the ‘ally’ first, Justine or his ‘noble savages’.
    The Libtards are riding the tiger of Islam. What will happen when the Libtards want to dismount?
    Islamic Spain was a totalitarian regime of systemic discrimination, rape, enslavement and corruption…just like all Islamic countries today.

  • David Murrell

    Interesting that Trudeau will be visiting a radical, bigoted imam, the day after six Canadians are murdered in West Africa. Our media will earn their Liberal bribe money playing this down.

  • Il a les mains de plus en plus sales.

  • AlanUK

    There is something wrong with the basic premise here.
    Every Imam who is true to his religion will believe and teach this. Their prophet saw into hell and saw its inhabitants. It is reported in the hadith (al-Bukhari, Moslim and others). For example, see quotes at:
    An Imam who does not teach this is in direct conflict with Mohamed’s teaching and risks awful punishment in this life and the next.
    So, what’s so special about this Imam? Any other Imam should tell him the same.