Refugee arrives in T.O., takes off niqab: ‘I knew I was safe’

For years, I had seen videos of her leading large processions and speaking at protests, but never her face.

To evade arrest, “Banuk Karima” — as her supporters call her — would wear a niqab, the Islamic face mask, to get lost in the crowd as police would wade in to try to arrest her.

The day Karima landed in Toronto, the first thing she did was rip the niqab off her face.

  • DMB
  • Shebel

    Little Girl—
    You are really not that safe in Canada.

    • Joseph Shmeau


  • Ron MacDonald

    She should have kept a low profile and lived here quietly, now she could become a victim of some radicalized Muslim living in Canada.

    • Shebel

      Justin is bringing them by the Plane load.

      • Gary

        All you have to do is look at the TPSB map of the GTA for Crime stats and see the highest reports of Rape and sexual assaults and then look at the Map for the highest Muslims populations.
        Then look at the Homicides and compare it the highest populations for ‘ you know which’ population in Government housings.

        But everything is fine folks , this is Toronto the Good and Diversity is our strength .

        • Shebel

          and our New Cultural Mosaic of
          ‘Death for the Youth.’

      • Ron MacDonald

        Very shortly he is going to start close military bases and laying off DND support staff to pay for these Muslims.

    • Gary

      She can’t get a Job as a Cop in Toronto or be in the RCMP now that they enforce the barbaric sharia law and only hire Muslim females that wear the Hijab , as soon the Niqab.

      We had 5 Brown female Muslims murdered for NOT wearing the Hijabs because they wanted to be Canadian looking.
      So how does the Toronto Police react to those Honour-killings?

      Run PSA’s telling muslim women about their rights.
      Run ads reassuring them that the Police will protect them if threatened.
      Publicly condemn the murders and remind muslims males they are in Canada and live under our law.

      NO……this is the PC Toronto in a PC Province run be White Liberals.
      They responded by including the Hijab in the Police uniform and took sides with the killers that a true female Muslims wear the hijab .
      The future in Canada does not belong to those that mock the prophet of islam or allah.

      Liberals in Ontario allowed 2 Public schools to have a Mosque in them on Friday’s during the school year.
      As long as its BROWN females being murdered and raped , Justin and Wynne are fine with that .

    • David Murrell

      She is keeping a low proile. The corporate left-wing media will shun her, without her niqab on.

  • But she’s still wearing the hijab. Still a Muslim, and therefore a potential terrorist or parent of terrorists.

    • Bataviawillem

      Right on, you beat me on the draw.
      The overwhelming majority of terrorist in the western world are 3th generation immigrants, usually educated and middle class.