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David Bowie: how a broken pint glass in a Blackheath pub changed the course of music history

  • Brett_McS

    I’ve been missing in action for the last week but got back today from a brief trip, bouncing around India. India is ‘in transition’, as they say:

    • Wow! How did you enjoy it?

      • Brett_McS

        The food is fantastic, especially in Hyderabab. Varanasi – where the Diesel Locomotive Works is – is the oldest city in the world, and is considered India’s holiest place – which means plenty of hippies from Australia and the US (and probably Canada). Didn’t see any of that stuff myself, but did see monkeys (quite big ones) in the town. And of course, cows.

  • ontario john

    News this Saturday morning in the “Sunny Ways” media propaganda media machine. 1. The CBC is excited about a handful of Syrians in Germany who are demonstrating that they support German values. 2. Major crisis in Quebec, the language gestapo are upset that a diner is using the words grilled cheese sandwich. 3. The Saturday Star has a half page of carefully selected letters to the editor complaining about executive salaries. Of course the Star and its trained seals opinion writers are ignoring the Star’s layoff of nearly 300 employees to make more money. 4. University of Victoria has announced its first Chairperson of Trans gender studies. Because of course that is what the economy needs right now . 5. The Anglican communion has decided to sanction the U.S. church for permitting gay marriages. I’m sure Michael Coren will be switching churches again as a result. I think the Church of Scientology is still looking for members. Or he could join West Hill United in Toronto. You don’t even have to believe in God there.

    • He’ll go Moonie next.

    • Frances

      He won’t move: much of the official Anglican Church of Canada is also pro-gay marriage. That’s why there is a schism, and ANiC (Anglican Network in Canada), the American Anglican Council, and the Anglican Church in North America have all arisen as scripturally faithful parishes and dioceses.