Historic windfall will test Iran’s true intentions

There was a time when only a naive observer would have predicted a moment when Iran sacrificed the core of its nuclear programme and the West lifted the toughest sanctions in return.

Yet that was on the verge of happening on Saturday. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was on the brink of certifying that Iran had defanged its nuclear ambitions in accordance with last year’s agreement; America and its allies, meanwhile, were about to relax the iron grip of one of the most suffocating sanctions regimes in history.

  • Achmed

    The world will never find most of Iranian nuclear program because it is deep underground. They don’t care anyways because they just want to do business and make money with Iran.

    President Obama and then President Hillary Clinton along with most of the European leaders don’t care if nuclear armed missles rain down on Israel as long as it does not come to their homes to roost. Do they have a surprise coming!

    • Very chilling but truthy!

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      I think the main reason for stopping Iran and wanting a resolution has more to do with wanting Iran’s help in Syria and Iraq with ISIS. The US knows its dollar is at stake and they probably want a confrontation with Russia and / or China, so they will want agreements.

      The negotiations and new approaches with Cuba and Iran are proof of this.

      Iran also due to poor translations by Memri, which is a news channel which as been stated to intentionally make Muslims look bad misstated what Ahmadinejad said about Israel. He meant in his speech that wars must stop and he consistently wanted a resolution on the Palestinian-Israeli question. This alone has put Iran in a negative light, but it is true by their actions that Iran just wants to do business and they do not want a conflict.

      The Western interventionists and Christian fundamentalists and Israel lobby want war however by their talks of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. The videos are there showing the proof.

      All the US would gain from attacking Iran or having Israel do it is escalate to WW3 which the US needs to re-correct its stagnant economy. I actually feel the Iran resolution is temporary. Like I said above, Russia and China are the main focus!

  • bob e

    i still don’t believe this .. how can america do this ??

  • Hard Little Machine

    Iran will announce that their missiles are now aimed at Sunni states and Europe.