But they are not news giants any more

And, as we struggle to explain, we are constantly tripped up by confusing terminology.

From :

News Giants Call on Iran to Free American Journalist

The leaders of 25 newsrooms and media advocacy groups are urging the U.S. government to secure Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s release from an Iranian prison. More.

Reality check:The Iranians know that almost all of them are simply operatives for the U.S. Democratic party in power, and therefore of no more significance, a such, than the farm dogs yapping because one of them ha been captured.

Naturally, obedient big legacies hoped that Obama would mention Jason Rezaian and other detainees in his State of the Union (SOTU) speech. But why bother? They are now only what he and his successors choose to make of them.

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A 97% consensus that’s real

  • Millie_Woods

    ‘But They Are Not News Giants Any More.’

    How true. Great observation.

  • The mainstream media / MSM are dead – they have no credibility. More and more people, myself included, get their news and commentary exclusively from the Internet’s independent bloggers and websites. If I watch or read MSM at all it is to find out just how badly they are lying by omission or commission. I look upon MSM journalists with the utmost contempt.

  • LauraS

    Grateful we are living in the era of the Internet. And so grateful for sites like BCF! You are doing tremendously important work.