Syrian Refugees Down and Out (and Stuck In Crappy Hotels) In Pricey B.C.

Pink Puma Bugs BunnyI don’t know what genius thought it was a good idea to resettle Syrian refugees—average size of a refugee family: six—in one of the priciest real estate vicinities in Canada (i.e. in B.C.). This Ceeb report reveals the challenges these refugees are facing given the size of their families and the government moolah they’re getting…

  • johnbrooks3

    Ah yup. $5 they ‘move’ to the US. Warmer you know.

    • lolwut?

      Anyone got Drunk by noons number?, he’s in California 😉

      • Rosenmops

        I’m sure he would be thrilled to take in a family of 13 goat humpers ,

        • Xavier

          What’s a hundred acres / (2’x6′)?

  • ontario john

    Once they start raping women in the area, their should be lots of vacancies for them.

    • lolwut?

      I’d be more concerned about the daughters in sponsors homes.

      The media is fond of showing the toddlers, but it’s now coming out that a lot
      of the children of these migrants are teenage boys.

      • Alain

        I differ. Anyone stupid enough to sponsor them reaps what they sow.

        • lolwut?

          Their children are innocent and don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of their liberal parents stupidity.

  • Exile1981

    I hear Justin has a spare bedroom or two.

    • Surprise surprise. Canada’s renowned refugee expert — Justin Trudeau — couldn’t figure out that the rest of the world doesn’t use birth control like we do in the West. They have large families. Most people around the world do not believe the same about birth control and abortion as Justin and the fascist Canadian Left.

  • lolwut?

    Wait till the parties end and the reality hangover of the costs to the sponsorship families kick in…….

    Then of course the reality that many of these families have teenage boys who are going to start eyeing any daughters they have and the husbands of the Syrian family
    will only tolerate the women in the sponsorship family telling them what to to do for only so long before they decide to lay down the Sharia law.

  • Bataviawillem

    That $800.- is a crock of shit, in Hamilton a family of 4 get’s up to $2700,- and the utility bills they through on the counter of the welfare office and walk away.

    • Rosenmops

      Well we were’t using the money we paid in taxes any way. Might as well give it away to aliens who want to kill us ,


      • Bataviawillem

        You’r right if somebody steels your money you don’t care how the thief spends it.

    • disqusW6sf

      Apparently it’s far more sexier to spend on Syrian refugees.

  • SDMatt

    As long as they can get to the polls and vote Liberal in the next election, that’s all that matters.

    • Alain

      Based on the last election they do not need to be Canadian citizens or present any of the required documents to vote.

  • reidjr

    Same thing happening in Ottawa 450 are in a downtown hotel with another 40 to arrive this weekend the issue lack of cheap housing the avg rent is $1100 while the feds are giving them $680.00.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Where are the natives going to stay the next time there’s a flood?

  • Xavier

    We need an Immigrant Living Wage.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      And they can earn it breaking rocks.

  • ntt1

    No other immigrants are given this money and help why aren’t the sponsors being held to their responsibilities?

    • Brenda

      I think these are the government-sponsored ones, i.e. no private sponsors.

      • lolwut?

        Actually it’s both, at least in cities like Vancouver with next to no affordable housing.

        There’s been lots of stories of sponsors struggling to find permanent housing
        and some of them have been complaining landlords are telling them to take a hike. I suspect that’s more to do with lack of income and amount of children more then them being Muslim.

        The Liberals are going to have a lot of explaining to do about these sponsors
        that are being handed migrants with no place to put them, when that is one of the main requirements of being a sponsor.

        Then of course the issue of schools and hospitals not having the capacity to handle them.

        This is a ticking time bomb, there’s going to be a lot of pissed off people
        everywhere. Even the Immigration lawyers and advocates are shaking their heads.

        • Kathy Prendergast

          All of this reminds me somewhat of when the honeymoon period after all the Vietnamese boat people came to Canada, when harsh reality set in for many of them and there was a series of rather shocking stories in the newspapers about how hard life was for them in Toronto (where I think most of them initially settled); living crowded in substandard housing, unreliably heated, infested with cockroaches and rats; babies and children being bitten by rats as they slept…horrible but really, when you are poor that is what life is sometimes like, even in Canada. Genuine refugees don’t come here for a better life; they come here so they can live…getting a better life than the one they had before should be their responsibility. Whining to the media about how tough life is may help sell newspapers with shock value for awhile, but the public soon gets tired of it and you are no better off than before. As for settling refugees in Vancouver, people have got to be dreaming if they think that a family of six or more is going to find an apartment to rent here. To start with, apartments with more than two bedrooms are virtually nonexistent. Families with children move out to the suburbs if they want more space and can’t afford a house in the city. This is the most expensive real estate in Canada if not all of North America, and space is at a premium. I am lucky to be renting a tiny basement apartment from family friends; I never would have found it otherwise. Renting even a small house is so insanely expensive you might as well buy one. No reputable private landlord is going to voluntarily rent a small one or two bedroom apartment to a large family; local health and fire codes may not even allow it anyway. Maybe some slumlords out in the crappiest outer reaches of the crappiest suburbs like Surrey, but that’s about it. I certainly hope none of these refugees came here expecting a nice cushy life because they’re not going to get it.

          • reidjr

            I don’t know about Toronto but in Ottawa the boat people did settle in really nice there was something like 3500 they are still for the most part in the same area just outside of Little Chinatown.

          • Kathy Prendergast

            Yes, I should have mentioned that most Vietnamese immigrants and refugees have done very well, even if they first came here with absolutely nothing. The media often seem to go out of their way to make the Canadian public feel guilty for not doing enough to help refugees by focusing obsessively on the hardships they are enduring, when in reality most of them are just getting on with it, doing the best they can and looking forward to life eventually getting better, if they are true refugees and not scammers. I’ve known some people who came to Canada as DPs (Dispossessed Person, as refugees were known then) from Europe after WW II, and believe me, they don’t recall those years with any great fondness. But they survived.

          • lolwut?

            Their kids did well in Calgary, dealing drugs, prostitution, shooting up restaurants…

            Guess they got lucky.

        • Brian Jones

          Tough titties for the private sponsors, then.

          I read a Globe and Mail story last week, might have been posted here, actually, where some blonde ditz do-gooder who described herself as “affluent” was pissed that it took her a couple weeks to find a landlord willing to rent to a family of 7 with no jobs.

          If she was so damn affluent, how come she didn’t want her pets living with her? And if they’re the sort of people she wouldn’t want living in her house, why should they be living next to some other Canadians who didn’t ask for them to come here?

          If I wanted to marry a foreigner, I think I’d have to be financially responsible for her for 10 years if she wasn’t earning a certain amount, even if we divorced. That ought to be the same for private sponsorship, otherwise it’s a sham because it’s the taxpayers paying for the private sponsor’s warm fuzzy feelings.

          • lolwut?

            Little problem with that, when the sponsorship collapses the taxpayer will be the ones that take over.

            Sponsorship rules are pretty tight, but it’s clear the Liberals are more then happy to loosen them or not enforce them at all in the case of the migrants.

            Previously, anyone hoping to sponsor them would have been rejected out right simply because they have no place to keep them once they arrive and the government *used* to make damn sure the sponsors were financially stable enough to support them for a minimum number of years.

            You sign a contract and if you violate that contract and the sponsored individual or family winds up on welfare, you get your ass hauled to court.

            As it stands now, the Liberals are open to people with no stable income and even people who did fund raising on Go fund Me.

            I’ve seen stories of unemployed people in BC being considered
            simply because they are Muslim and speak the language and know the migrants culture.

          • Brian Jones

            Agreed, the rule should be if the sponsors aren’t good for it, the sponsorees get sent home. Naturally our leaders have no interest in those sort of rules, though.

  • Canadian Born

    I have a suggestion, if they feel they are not getting enough money, they should buy really warm clothes and find some cardboard boxes. Next they should hit the streets and find a good place to sleep, if it is considered good enough for the Canadian homeless it is good enough for them as they are now considered Canadian or they could move in with Junior Trudeau.

  • Physics grad

    they should resettle them in the feed hopper for a wood chipper

  • Blacksmith

    Why the hell are they getting ANY money from the taxpayer? They weren’t forced to come, they can just go right back to the shithole they crawled out of. Spend the money on the Canadians in need instead. Damn I hate leftist.

    • lolwut?

      Because it’s 2016?

  • Gary

    That booze-head loser McCallum told us that every one of them was Sponsored and the maximum costs would be about $100 million as if that the good news.

    Ralph Goodale told us that many had PTSD which mean Unemployable unless YOU want to work next to the pro-sharia muslim nut case that hears voices telling him to behead the infidel next to them .
    40,000+ more to come and already they are bitching about the menu , just wait until they are Citizens and we can’t deport these ungrateful parasites that are laughing at us as suckers .

    That Boy On The Beach photo was staged , plus it was Aylan Kurdi’s father that got him killed along with his Mother by smuggling people by boat for money .
    The family was in Turkey for over 2 years , Aylan’s Aunt in Canada and the Liberals LIED to use the boys deaths to buy the election and bring in more islamists in the guise of refugees.
    Now I’m coming across updates on the Vancouver allegations of a Pepper Spray on Syrians refugees which seems to be Hoax by Aylan’s Aunt and the Liberals. Justin was pretty quick to condemn it and bigotry and racist……but Justin has yet to condemn the 2 Somali muslims that shot into a Calgary bar trying to kill n on -muslims.
    Suddenly Justin wants to be cautious and not assign blame until the Police have done their jobs. Right Justin , but somehow the Pepper Spray allegations became facts to help your cause even though the LIES are coming out. You promised muslims you would bring in 50,000 jew-hating muslims as part of getting the islamist Votes, but you actually won the Election and now need some type a scam or fabricated crisis to create sympathy for the Muslims so we’ll spend about $7 billion on them on top of Health Care and welfare .

  • bargogx1

    Exactly as I suspected, our glorious leaders did not really think this through. Their “plan” was to bring all these refugees here and hope that things would just sort of work themselves out.

    • Gary

      Exactly, like how Justin said that the Budget would Balance it self.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Syrians are the refugees du jour in Canada, just like Bosnians briefly were a couple of decades ago, and which you never hear anything about now. I may be horribly cynical to say this, but I suspect that for many Canadians, Syrians provide just the right level of attractive and edgy exoticism without being too threateningly alien or shockingly primitive like some other refugees are…for example, we’ve had a steady stream of Somalian refugees ever since that place started imploding over two decades ago which hasn’t ceased, but nobody’s gone really apeshit over them. The public’s interest in and sympathy for the Syrians will eventually wane sooner or later, just as it did for the Bosnians, once everyone wakes up to the harsh realities of actually finding places for them to live, jobs for them that they can do (difficult if they speak no English and/or are virtually illiterate, as many are), and places in school for their children, and the honeymoon period of welcoming refugees with goofy songs in airports and congratulating themselves for being such good caring people is over.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    The report mentions that a family of four will get $800 from social assistance in their first year. Assuming that’s true: I pay $865 a month for a tiny, not terribly attractive, dark (almost windowless) basement apartment I feel blessed to have found, and not in a particularly desirable or attractive part of Vancouver, either. So even if a family of four could find an apartment like mine, convince the landlords (who, in my case, are a family of four who live in the house upstairs) to rent them a place intended for a single person and somehow manage to squeeze themselves into it, at the beginning of each month they would be $65 short of rent money without even having bought food. Somehow I don’t see it working too well for them.

  • The invading rapefugees get nice hotel rooms, why aren’t they put in downtown easstide holes like Canadians get?