Syrian and Afghan rapefugee boys sexually assaulted three girls at Austrian school for MONTHS before police notified

According to Kronen Zeitung, the girls at Schlossstrasse Middle School were repeatedly groped but the final straw came when there was an attack so severe it forced action.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Xavier

    The threat of castration is usually an effective deterrent;
    a few examples and the behavioral problems disappear.

    • Blacksmith

      Especially if the offending parts are nailed to the wall for all to see. the rest will take a hint, maybe even go back where they came form if we are lucky.

  • Martin B

    Meanwhile, Austrian women have cleaned out the stock of shotguns from every gun dealer in the whole country:

  • Gary

    Look at what happened in Toronto when Sheema Khan from CAIR exploited a gang-rape to a Somali girl in a Public High School. CAIR found out about the story and couldn’t resist bashing Canada and non-muslims as homophobes.

    But the story blew-up in Khan’s face when the cover-up was reported as being on Sharia Law among Somali’s where this girl will now be tainted-goods and unfit to be married to a devout muslim man. The media jumped in and we saw the CBC parade out the usual bearded muslim leaders and rep’s from CAIR to deny Sharia Law punishes women for being raped .

    In the final ACT of this charade we find out that it was male Somali students that punished her for being in the Gym among men by herself which defaulted to them doing a gang-rape .
    The Police washed their hands of it said it a Community Cultural issue among muslims as did the School . Not one person fired, not one Somali male charged.

    The old Canada is dead , the Charter Of Rights and Constitutional protections don’t mean a damn thing depending on which minority group violates your Rights for equal treatment and Security Of person .
    That pretty well did it for me , when the Police won’t even enforce canada’s laws or protect women from rapes …. it all over folks Toronto is heading towards being a 3rd World hell-hole and quasi-islamic State by-proxy as the Police obey Sharia Law over Canada’s laws.