It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

It took days for police to acknowledge the extent of the mass attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The Germans were lucky; in Sweden, similar attacks have been taking place for more than a year and the authorities are still playing catch up. Only now is the truth emerging, both about the attacks and the cover-ups. Stefan Löfven, our Prime Minister, has denounced a ‘double betrayal’ of women and has promised an investigation. But he ought to be asking this: what made the police and even journalists cover up the truth?

  • Glenfilthie

    What else could they do? Social justice warriors can tolerate truth or rape but not both – or their worldview falls apart.

    Stock up on ammo and popcorn!

    • It would be fine if only right wing women and children were being raped.

      • Exile1981

        Sadly I suspect most of the left wing nuts pushing to bring the rapefugees to these countries assume they will be spared these sorts of attacks and that only the right wing “anti-immigration” crowd would be targeted.

  • Ain’t muticulturalism great?

    The new word of the day, “taharrush gamea”.

    Don’t you feel more enriched.

    Thanks liberals.

  • Mannie

    Sweden is the rape capitol of the Western World, and is second only to Lesotho, worldwide. But they invited these people into their country. Their circus. Their monkeys. We have our own monkeys.

    When their country implodes, we must absolutely seal our borders against European refugees. Let them stay home and fight or die. Euronate on them. We don’t want their disease, here. We have enough of their kind already.

  • barryjr

    Make the wives and daughters of all those wishing to bring the pedophile worshipers to Canada walk through the muslim resettlement areas at night to counsel these terrorists on why they shouldn’t rape.

  • TruthSerum

    I wonder how the authorities will implement a cover-up when one, or more, “refugee” graduates of the free (taxpayer paid) sniping course opts to practice on the Swedish people? Sniper training is offered to help newer immigrants assimilate.

    You couldn’t make it up!

    “The Swedish state is funding a sniper training course for recently-arrived Third World “refugees” as part of their “integration program”—despite the ever-growing refugee-terrorist attacks across Europe.”

    • El Martyachi


    • Minicapt

      They’re training on .22cal LR biathlon rifles.