German public pool bans all Rapefugees after a schoolgirl sexually assaulted

A German leisure centre has become the first in the country to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers.

Three Syrian boys were arrested earlier this month over the attack at a leisure centre in Munich as the country grapples with growing concerns about sex crimes perpetrated by asylum seekers.

In response to growing concerns, a leisure centre in Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, has now barred all migrants.

The ban also follows an attack by an 18-year-old refugee on a 54-year-old woman in Bornheim, where he had grabbed her by the private parts and tried to kiss her

  • The Butterfly

    Hang that bitch high.

    • Clink9

      After receiving a good Merkeling by her pets.

  • Merkel is toast. She will not last the year.

  • Mannie

    They wouldn’t be able to do that here. … race, religion, or national origin.

    Wait for this in your town. But I’ll sell you some nice rope. 😉

  • barryjr

    Coming soon to a Canadian town near you, thanks to shiny pony.

  • Peter Hyatt

    This is a good reaction, but will likely be met with not only condemnation, but legal action. We need to suffer much much more before we awaken.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Kanzlerin Schwachkopf (Google Translation)

  • Martin B

    Merkel would rather let a million schoolgirls be raped than admit that she was wrong and that she needs to resign.

  • Editor

    I feel for the schoolgirl but the rest of Germany voted for Merkel and her insane policies. They are now recieving the heartfelt thanks of their new neighbours.

  • John

    This has been happening at pools in France for years now.

  • Blacksmith

    This is unfortunately what needs to happen, people will not wake up until it is in their face and their home, Some won’t even wake up then.