Progressives Want the U.S. to Imitate a Dying Europe

For those of us who love comedy, one of the most delightful ironies of progressivism is how regressive it is, how mired in the past. While conservatives gather to discuss fresh reformist ideas on how to fight poverty and keep a free society afloat, all progressives ever do is reach into their Magic Box of Tomorrow and draw out the same sclerotic socialism that’s been poisoning the lives of nations since at least the 19th century.

How old and out of date is that, you ask.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’s time to create an environment where progressives are afraid to open their mouths.

  • Gary

    Ontario has a real dolt in charge because she is a Liberal progressive lesbian that doesn’t understand that the 2 Public schools that are a Mosque on Friday’s for the muslim students will be the only Mosques in Public schools.
    Wynne is aiding in the spread of the same sharia law that will have her tossed from a roof top or at the end of a noose one day.
    Gay Pride parades have also had Pro-hamas groups in them and it looks like the stupidity isn’t limited to just our Premier.