London is not only UK city at risk of terrorist attack, expert warns

London is not the only British city at risk of a terrorist attack, a former counter terrorism chief has warned as the Metropolitan Police prepares to announce that it is to increase the number of firearms officers by up to a third.

Chris Phillips, former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, said police forces in the rest of the UK should also be given additional financial support to enable them to protect their cities.

  • bob e

    every city that has loads of muslims is terror risk .. these leftist
    people never get it. when the world is engulfed in the most savage war ever they will still be concerned about the muslims who aren’t jihadis. there is not such thing. they become jihadis as soon as they become muslims. on & on & on ..

  • ed

    a little known fact , all uk armed response police have their automatic fire select de-activated making them single shot only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!