Danish women report harassment by “refugees”

Women in at least three Danish cities have reported being harassed by refugees who they say are making them feel very uncomfortable when out at night.

  • Maybe they should lighten up and get with the multicultural program!

    (sarcasm function disabled)

  • Petrilia

    The Syrian interviewed said the men just don’t know what to do when faced with with a woman. DUH. Or a store manikin. Why,oh why did and do Europe’s leaders hate their own people and especially their own young women,so much that they place them in SUCH harms way? I have had enough of excuses that Europe’s men have been emasculated by PC education. Surely there is enough male DNA left that makes them WANT and NEED to protect their own women?

  • Alain

    Not to worry ladies, it is just part of normal sex jihad.