But who actually needs Millennials? Except for votes?

From Katie Kieffer at Townhall:

Obama is targeting our youth because, even though many did vote for him, the majority of Millennials self-identify as “independents” rather than as Democrats or Republicans. He knows they are still open-minded enough to be swayed in either direction. Obama’s overall approval numbers are dipping to 45% and even lower on national security (66% of Americans say he has “no cogent plan” to combat ISIS). More.

Reality check: Apart from their votes for a higher minimum wage (followed by intensified automation), free pot, abortions, etc., badly educated Millennials may be underskilled and often useless, compared t their grandparents.

The parties that have no moral problem with dispensing all that, and enforcing against whoever and whatever Millennials don’t care if they enforce against will increasingly form governments in many places — with whatever outcome.


It’s true that millennials are less likely than in years past to own a car. But then they are also much more likely to be living with their parents, due to a sluggish job market. Does the latest in Cool just mean making a virtue of necessity?

When their parents die, they will have no one but government.

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  • Hard Little Machine

    They told me if I voted for Romney there would class and generational warfare. Well guess what.

    The funny thing, I guess, is that when which ever administration is done crushing the middle class, many millenials will be homeless, jobless, and sitting on trillions of school loan debt that no one seriously believes can ever be repaid no matter how many free shit communists they elect. There won’t be an engine to run the car anymore. I suspect the US is headed from a spectacular implosion into true 2nd or 3rd status in a generation. I mean real Great Leap Forward shit. Or worse.

  • Clausewitz

    Thank God I’ll be cooled out and retired before the first Millennials hit the Educational job market.