5 Critical Takeaways from the Islamic ‘Radicalization Report’ the NYPD Is Deleting From Its Website

New York City has caved to the demands of Muslim groups in connection with its intelligence and surveillance activities of the Islamic community. In a politically correct move, the city is resorting to self-censorship over safety.

  • Gary

    Muslims know how powerful the Jihad terrorism is to get their way .
    The terrorists make it easier for groups like CAIR to spread sharia law and protect their jihadist brothers .

  • pdxnag

    CAIR must have objected to the public revelation that the specter of Islamic violence goes up as Islamic piety goes up. That is, the remedy for too much Islam is not more Islam, but less Islam.

  • Dana Garcia

    De Blasio was the pro-Muslim candidate. What did the voters think would happen with a guy who vacationed in commie Cuba?


    • Alain

      And a communist to boot.

  • Clink9

    Cowardly shitstains.

  • Physics grad

    Seems that NY needs another jet to crash into it. I suggest the muslims finish their attempt to blow up the UN this time.