This Is What It’s Like To Be Christian And Live Under ISIS

TEL ABYAD, Syria — Like the other Christians, Sarkis Kirbukiyle packed what he could and fled when ISIS militants captured his hometown.

But then he went back.

  • H

    Interesting story. However, it was also kind of a progressive propaganda piece, with the underlying message was being that the problem is ISIS, not Islam, ISIS has nothing to do with “true” Islam, that without ISIS, Muslims and Christians get along just fine, etc. All of which is a crock.

  • UCSPanther

    When the Islamic State takes over your home, DON’T go back. It is like returning to hell after you escaped, and they will probably force you to remain.

    There were similar stories with Russians who fled the Bolshevik revolution, only to foolishly return to Russia in the aftermath. When they arrived, the found a nation that was very different from the time of the Czars, and one ruled by totalitarian brutality. Those who tried to flee again were often barred from doing so, with one account of a commissar taunting one returnee with “Your bones will stay in Mother Russia, no matter what.”