Non Muslim minorities facing imminent genocide abandoned by Liberal government

While Ottawa focuses only on an arbitrary decision to bring only Syrian migrants, continuing to ignore the problems inherent in their decision, they are ignoring hundreds of thousands of non Muslim minorities, targeted for immediate genocide by ISIS. At the top of the list are the ancient Yazidi people, then the Chaldo Assyrian Christians. But all non Muslim minorities – the Mandaens, the Bahai, Shebak, Turkoman – in northern Iraq and Syria are threatened.In August,2014, the Islamic State attacked northern Iraq, home to over 400,000 Yazidis. The UN confirmed that 5,00O men were executed and as many as 7,000 women and girls were made sex slaves. Last month, German broadcasters produced footage documenting the slave trade being conducted through an office in Turkey near the border with Syria. “IS offers women and underage children in a kind of virtual slave market with for sale photos.” Germany has committed to taking in immediately, 1000 of these ISIS victims for special treatment.

  • Ho Hum

    What makes me sick is how our “conservative” opposition party and “conservative” media are completely ignoring what is going on and as a result are giving Trudeau a complete free pass.

    During the election Trudeau said it was “disgusting” for Harper to prioritize these religious and ethnic minorities. Under Trudeau’s plan – not only are the most vulnerable not being prioritized – they are being completely shut out because Trudeau is sourcing refugees from UN camps ONLY which means Sunni Muslims ONLY. There are no religious minorities in the UN camps as they would either be butchered or raped.

    Of course the weak and pathetic Harper really failed miserably to sell his refugee plan during the election. I suppose he was afraid of being labelled Islamophobic. For instance when that Kurdish kid drowned – Harper should have pointed out that his refugee plan would give priority to Kurdish refugees and that Trudeau would not. Had Harper said he would only bring in Christian, Yazidi’s and Kurds he would probably be PM.

    • kkruger71

      Still amazing to me how a (possibly staged) photo of one dead kid that had no genuine ties to Canadian policy will end up having such a huge negative impact on our country. The butterfly effect is in full force here.

      • BillyHW

        Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

      • Gary

        The photo of Kurdi was staged , plus his dad was smuggling people by boat for a nice $$ profit. The boat was coming from Turkey and yet the CBC’s BIG LIE was that they were refugees fleeing Syria.
        They were not refugees because they had been in Turkey almost 2 years.
        That’s like having 50,000 people from the USA cross into canada as refugees from Somalia or iraq . We know it’s for the Welfare and Health care no matter how many times Obama tells us that they are Doctor’s and Engineers with their Boy Genius kids that will cure cancer and get a colony on Mars one day .
        Kurdi’s Aunt is in Vancouver and it appears she was now part of the Pepper Spray hoax to stir-up sympathy and incite Jihadi’s since they will infer that muslims are being attacked.
        CAIR and Sheema khan did the same thing over the Afghan war to demonize Canada and our Troops for killing the Taliban members that are muslims. The proof was that the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists cited these exact claims for why they wanted to use truck-bombs to slaughter 5000+ people in Toronto.

        The Police seems to be scared to arrests muslims or are told NOt to arrest muslims from the fear of more Terrorism or riots by muslim mobs.
        Muhammad Elmasry got away with declaring right on a TV show that everyone in Israel over 19 is a valid target for Palestinans to kill by terrorism . CAIR and Sheema Khan were among the muslims that supported Elmasry’s free-speech to call for the slaughtering of people over 19 in israel.
        How long would you be free if you used the quran top prove that every muslims male over 14 must do terrorism jihad for allah and are valid targets to kill.

    • Shebel

      I thought that was what Harper stated.

  • Shebel

    I have a really good ‘refugee plan’.

    Stay to fuck of our Country. We don’t want you . We don’t like you . We don’t respect you.


    • Ron MacDonald

      Which is exactly what Canadian landlords are saying, sponsors are having a hard time finding apartments in Ontario.

      • Ottawa Eyes

        With the Somali refugees about a quarter century ago what our governments started doing was offering about 30% above the going rates paid directly by the government in the Dixon Road area of Toronto which caused the landlords to illegally evict Canadian tenants particularly seniors to be replaced by Somalis. It drove up rents substantially in the condos because they weren’t covered by rent controls.

        Let’s see if they do it again when they can’t find enough housing and if more Canadian get thrown onto the streets.

        • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

          And that is why that section of Dixon Road resembles a third world shi+hole.

        • Shebel

          I never knew that.
          So that is why those town houses were always filled with Somalian Mummies with a whole possy of kids and always a ‘bun in the oven’– but never a Hubby to be seen.

  • Shebel

    Sometimes, it gets a bit tiresome to continually Pretend to actually like and welcome these Muslim free loaders.

    • BillyHW

      Muslims are filth and scum.

  • BillyHW

    There is no such thing as a muslim “refugee”.

  • mauser 98
  • Ed

    Syrians are like pet rocks and clackers… won’t last long.

  • ontario john

    Please remember, our Lord and Savior Justin Mohammad Trudeau has said that helping Christians first is disgusting.

  • In France, the “refugees” are being housed in chateaux, literally, and that against the will of the local population:

  • Dana Garcia

    As usual western governments are doing it wrong. They should rescue the victims of Islam, not the perps.

    Muslims should be quarantined to practice intramural culling on one another.