Maryland man indicted for alleged support of al Shabaab: Justice Department

A Maryland man has been indicted on accusations of supporting the Somalia-based Islamic militant group al Shabaab and appearing in videos for the group, the U.S. Justice Department said on Monday.

Maalik Alim Jones, 31, “was charged with providing material support to al Shabaab and receiving training from the terrorist organization,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin said in a statement released by the department.

Prosecutors said the suspect traveled to Somalia, received military training from al Shabaab, and took up arms as a terrorist fighter with an organization that has declared the United States a target.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Photos not being shown by the mainstream media.

    • Gary

      Here’s the video link

      Note at the 00:11 mark above the female POW , then go to the 2:07 mark where men are eating as the female is in the backdrop with the hijab.
      So where’s Obama on this because she is forced to obey iran’s dress codes for muslims but Obama claims it’s a free-will choice.
      What does Hillary think of this misogyny to force a women in islamic dress???

  • Gary

    How can so many muslims misunderstand the peaceful teachings in the quran.

    There are more than 50% of the followers that can’t read in their own Native language and yet a large number are peaceful.
    Hmmmm , muslims that can’t read the quran can end up peaceful and yet those that DO read the quran seem to get devout and choose jihad terrorism .
    There must be some link to why the Jihadists are devout muslims . Obama has the FBI working on it to see a pattern .

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Must be one of those squat little Welsh fuckers.