How al-Qaeda and Islamic State are competing for al-Shabaab in Somalia

Isil and al-Qaeda are fighting a tug-of-war for the allegiance of al-Shabaab in a battle which could hasten the demise of Somalia’s jihadist movement, according to researchers.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have released another video – purportedly filmed in Libya – urging the “brothers” in al-Shabaab in Somalia to join their struggle.

So far, two senior al-Shabaab commanders have pledged allegiance to Isil.

  • Gary

    When I see that they all have the standard issue sandals I would ask people that make them to what model they are and where they are made.
    Next I would look for shipments to that area and who retails them , then ask retailers about bulk buyers . If no bulk sales then look for a split-shipping where a large chunk goes to a non-retail address.

    Once the end receiver is found you go from there to check shipping records or watch for those picking up the sandals by non-commercial vehicles .
    Next , try to keep an eye on them to follow the vehicle as much as you can along with getting the Plate ID for who owns it.

    At least it shows a tie to this group and no doubt it will be a starting point like the center of a Dart Board to move outwards and find more people in each ring and sector .