Cologne attacks: we must avoid the risk of ‘sexual jihad’

“…In all the confusion over Cologne one indisputable fact about Europe has been thrown into clearer focus in a troubling way: the imbalance of both gender and age among the newcomers from the predominantly Muslim world. In plain English (or German) it means that, on some estimates, two-thirds of them are men, and many of them are young and unaccompanied.

It doesn’t take much imagination to work out why that’s the case. Young men are sent to try their luck in Europe with their family’s support; young men are thought to be more likely to survive the horrors of Mediterranean boat disasters. It is men we see struggling to reach the beach in Greece or Italy; they took a gamble which their women and children sometimes lost. In Sweden, so it is being reported, the teenage gender imbalance, at 123 males to 100 females, is higher than in China (117:100).

That’s not what happened when families migrated to 60s Britain. It’s why liberal Canada is now stipulating “families only”. Young men with insufficient females around have tended to violence throughout history. Cultural misogyny accentuates the problem. Don’t take my word for it. Read Nazir Afzal, the prosecutor who nailed the Rochdale child sex traffickers and took stick for it from those on the left and right who were keen to avert their gaze from uncomfortable facts.”


It’s a surprise to see the Guardian print this.

  • The Butterfly

    A merkeling they will go
    A merkeling they will go
    Hi ho the merry-o
    A merkeling they will go

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’re no more than a few weeks away from the first impregnated rape victim being dragged into court by her Muslim rapist to bar her from seeking an abortion. And the court will likely go with the Muslim man because….. hey, it’s Islam we’re talking about.

    It will be fascinating to see some court expand rape into the Muslim legal construct of marriage. Which is Koranic law lifted unaltered.

  • Reader

    Sexual Jihad is just another sexually transmitted disease. I will not name its source…..