Boys snatched from their families by ISIS reveal how they were ordered to kill their parents after being trained as child soldiers

Former ISIS child soldiers have revealed how the jihadi group snatch young boys from their families and subject them to savage punishments if they refuse to become child soldiers.

One 11-year-old boy, known only as Nouri, had one of his legs broken after he refused to become a ‘cub of the caliphate.’

The children who managed to escape describe how they were indoctrinated into the jihadi group’s radical brand of Islam and taught that they should execute their ‘unbeliever’ parents.

  • Gary

    OMG , lets hope that Justin Trudeau doesn’t use the CBC to stir more emotions in the Public to promote these killers as being ” Just like Omar Khadr ” and that we need to rescue them as well .
    Liberalism is a mental disorder from birth and the proof for Justin is that he’s going full-speed with bringing in the balance of 40,000+ pro-sharia muslims even after the Paris slaughter and now the muslims rape-gangs.
    Justin also hinted that the total would be over 60,000 by early 2017 .

    I’ve pointed out the the Pepper Spay allegation is starting to fall apart as a hoax because insiders have spoken out that only a few Refugees were among close to 100 people that exited from a building used as a Mosque .
    This was a private event among Muslims that didn’t have a tight schedule to exist at the exact time for the person on the bike to spray the crowd.

    Does anyone remember the big issue made by the CBC and STAR back around 2006 when there was a big protest over the 19 muslims rounded-up by the RCMP and deported ?
    The short of it was that there were 26 ILLEGALS rounded up for expired VISA’s which Chretien and Martin did squat about when they were in power. Leftist groups and CUPE linked protesters tried to make peope believe that they were Canadian muslims being picked on by racism , of which even Tarek Fatah got sucked in to join the Protests that said that ” It’s not a crime to be a paklistani”.
    The ’19’ had fake ID to get forged Passports and were abetted by a Muslim in Montreal that ran to Storefront College that got these 19 young male pakistani’s a Student VISA to get in . The brain-dead anti-West anti-Canada dolts in the CBC didn’t notice that 2 of the 19 “Canadian’s” filed a refugee claim . Hmmm, Citizens making a Refugee claim? .
    When the facts came out after they ran the stories , there was NO follow-up News about the Illegals with forged Papers or that 3 of them were caught scouting the Pickering Nuclear Plant beach area where the cool water intake ducts were.

    I do understand that the media is now in Real-Time and mus get out the story ahead of others. But when they get it wrong they never correct it which makes people infer the lies are the truth just like in the Omar Khadr case and Maher Arar $400 million extortion scam for unproven torture outside of Canada.

  • Barrington Minge

    All you need to look like a complete arsehole is a black mask and a silly shirt.

  • Alain

    Gee, is there no end to the things they share with communism?