Was The Shooting at a Calgary Nightclub An Act of Islamic Terrorism?

A horrific tragedy could have taken place at a nightclub in Calgary early Sunday morning.

A vehicle approached the 10 X Nightclub and a man exited the car, walked to the club’s entrance, took out a large gun and began firing inside. One man was wounded, but fortunately two of the club’s bouncers subdued the gunman. Their actions saved countless lives. Calgary Police arrived shortly thereafter to arrest the gunman and one other man although a third man managed to escape and remains at large.


Personally? I think it was just another example of our much lauded vibrant multicultural diversity.

Still the Calgary PD has some credibility issues. Recall the attack on Jews by Muslims at a protest?

The Muslims had to write essays.

Recall when the Muslims of Calgary web site was found to be rife with anti-semitic tracts?

The Muslims were absolved of all guilt by the Calgary PD in a most grotesque dismissal.

We now live in a Country where our security services have decreed that they will no longer inform the Canadian public of the extent of Muslim terrorist threat.

PM Useful Idiot considers it hurtful to label barbaric cultural practices barbaric.

We can expect our own version of Cologne or Rotherham or worse.

And when it happens the truth will flood out.

  • Exile1981

    The original reports claimed the attacker was shouting allah snackbar and while he was being cuffed the two of them were yelling death threats.

    They didn’t have a specific target which makes it an act of TERROR.

    • Do you have links to the Snackbar stuff? I am curious.

      • Exile1981

        I believe I read it mentioned in the global article someone linked in a comment to your original article.

    • Observer

      There is no such thing as “muslim terror”.

      It is only someone with emotional problems, who has committed terror, who coincidentally shouted “Allahu Akbar” and may have correctly quoted verses from the Quran demanding that faithful followers are obliged to strike terror into the hearts of all nonbelievers. But it has nothing to do with Islam nor the Quran or you are a racist and an islamophobe just you insist they are at fault merely because it is demanded of muslims by the Quran.

    • lolwut?

      The bouncers who were there never anything like that happened.
      They are on /r/Calgary talking about it on Reddit.

      Where did you read this?

      • Exile1981

        i’ll see if i can find it again but since that is close to home i was reading every site i could.

  • Jaedo Drax

    I’m not saying it is, but this actually could be gang violence, rather than terrorism. In order to determine this, there would have to be a lot more information available.

    who was targeted? why? were the 2 perps ejected or refused entry earlier in the night? why was the CPD gang task force across the street? who’s territory is it? did the club fail to pay the ‘correct’ people?

    of course, with the Mayor they have, it’s unlikely that we will ever know this, and the press is either too complicit or lazy to ask.

  • Martin B

    “The same could be said for Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi (who is Muslim), and as of this writing has not condemned the shooting nor praised the bouncers for their actions”

    When someone, almost certainly a Mohammedan hoaxer, spray painted some graffiti on a Calgary LRT station, Nenshi was right on top of it:


    No surprise here.

    • Nenshi is a pile of shit.

      • Observer

        If Nenshi is muslim and Nenshi is gay, and the tenets of islam says muslims must slay those who commit gay acts, does this mean Nenshi has never committed a day act or does this make Nenshi a hypocrite or not a real muslim because he has not fulfilled his obligation as a muslim to kill himself?

        Hell, my head hurts after thinking about it all. Your explanation is shorter and to the point.

        • Petrilia

          Nenshii has been given a pass in Canada. What will jihadis think?

          • Petrilia

            Whereon Canada’s pathetic media CBC,GLOBAL, CTV, will any of these report this story? We know they will not. Why not?

        • V10_Rob

          If I recall correctly, Nenshi is from some India-based Islamic minority sect, that both the Sunnis and Shiites consider apostates.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Here’s a video of the shooting.


    • Thanks.

    • Petrilia

      Brave Brave Brave.Ordinary Canadians took them on and stopped them before more harm was done. Medals for these guys…and the guy who took out the machete guy in Yorkville. Canada has Many REAL MEN. No weapons, just righteous anger. I applaud them all.

    • Gary

      But why is Justin silent when he was so quick to condemn the alleged Pepper spray hoax .

      • V10_Rob

        Because narrative.

        • David Murrell

          Because the Calgary shooters are bkack Muslims. The perps Trudeau condemned were white.

    • V10_Rob

      Feels kind of weak for a jihadist attack. Their hearts just don’t seem to be in it, at least for the non-shooters. Driver just sits there, passenger thinks about it for a bit before he wanders over to scuffle.

      As for the shooter (just one gun for the three? I know it’s Canada but still…), firing blindly through the door isn’t going to produce meaningful results that’ll make Old Moh (pox be upon him) proud. You got to get in among the infidels, up close and personal, to do the bloody work right.

      Could they be jihadists? Still entirely possible, but if they were inspired, they’re more like idiots that are trying to ape something they saw the cool kids do, than focused martyrs moving deliberately and aggressively.

  • roccolore

    Trudeau will be like Obama and defend the terrorists.

  • FactsWillOut

    When the truth comes out, will Canadians fight?

  • Gary

    Justin was quick to condemn the alleged claims of a Pepper spray case by a racists bigot islamophobe on a groups of Syrians refugees.

    But he sure is quiet when 2 gun toting muslim criminals are nab trying to shoot up a bar while they are both named muhammad.

    Actually , the pepper spray case is falling apart which I expected because the claims were made by the women linked to that boy on the beach Alan Kurdi .
    She wants the media to get away from the fact that his dad was making money smuggling people from Turkey by boat and it was HE that got several people killed when the boat flipped.
    But hey , look how the CBC and Media Party painted Omar Khadr to look like Opie Taylor that got tied in with some bad boys . Justin LIED to get Elected when he promised the islamists he’d bring in 25,000 pro-sharia homophobe Syrian refugees by jan 1 2016 , he also promised the CBC $600,000,000.00 more in funding in his 1st term if Elected so don’t expect the truth from the CBC.

    As for the Pepper spray hoax .
    The truth has come out that this was a private celebration at a MAC ( muslim assoc of Canada) event in a mosque with about 100+ people.
    This was not a public event that an islamophobe would know about , nor was it scheduled to know exactly when the 100 people would leave the mosque. It was also made clear that there were only a few Syrian refugees among the 100 people there which the media failed to reveal . How would someone know who among the 100 people leaving a building are the Syrian refugees.
    Justin , and the islamists in Canada need to sell these muslims refugees coming in since there are still over 40,000 more to come in while we just same the rape gangs and Paris slaughter.

    How could there not even be 10 seconds or News video or a video phone image unless very few people knew about this .
    All the Police have is a vague allegation that some person on a bike rode by and sprayed something on some people .
    Wow, case solved and lets move on .
    Compare that to the 2 muslims arrested and caught on a video firing a gun into the bar , yet Justin doesn’t want to rush to judgement and condemn it while they Police don’t have a motive.
    Sure Justin , very week guys are pulling up to bars to shot through the doorways and are named muhammed but have NOTHING to do with islam .

    The Pepper spray scam sound a lot like the Peterborough Mosque fire bombings that fell of the pages of the papers with no arrests or video .

  • P_F

    Islamic terrorism or mohammedan gang violence or mohammedan criminal activity. It’s the same thing, destroy the host society & country from within.

  • Xavier

    If I were a Canadian parent with a daughter in an exclusively female school I would seriously be considering other options.

  • Xavier

    It doesn’t have to be Islamic terrorism to be Moslem violence.

  • Tokenn

    The 10 X club is a hip-hop venue…not exactly super popular with [ahem] old-stock Canadians, if you know what I mean. The fact that the CPS Gangs’n’Guns Unit was circulating in the area at the time of the shooting was probably no coincidence.

    Given that rifles and shotguns are far deadlier than handguns and far easier to come by, either legally or illegally, it makes no sense that a jihadi attack would be carried out using a single pistol. Add to the fact that the shooter had a getaway car and it looks to me that this was far more likely to be some kind of gangland hit attempt. It should also be noted that nominally Muslim Somali immigrants are very prominent in the Calgary drug trade. This is a fact that the CPS as well as the Calgary local media are careful to tiptoe around, doubtless to avoid the ‘racist’ tag that would be pinned on them by the local fuzzy-brained bigmouthed leftoid contingent.

    Mayor Naheed Nenshi is a member of the Shiite Ismaili Muslim sect…a heretical minority as seen by both other Shiites as well as the majority Sunni sect. This is another fact everybody seems to tiptoe around. The Ismaili sect is led by the Aga Khan…a multi-BILLIONAIRE [and allegedly the direct decendant of the prophet Mohammed] who lives on a historic estate outside Paris where he raises racehorses and directs his philanthropic interests. which allow him to hobnob with royalty [including our own QEII] and generally be among the elitest of the elite. [To be fair, the Ismailis seem to be a relatively inoffensive bunch, and the Aga Khan refrains from preaching jihad, if for no other reason than it would upset his cozy applecart]. Nenshi himself is regarded as something of an arrogant prick by people who work closely with him in city government, but whether it’s because of his religious affiliation or his Harvard degree/intellectual snobbery it’s hard for me to say.

    In any case, even if this wasn’t a jihadi attack, it still points up the fact that Muslim immigration brings a lot of problems with it, and is generally a really bad ideas.