Nipigon bridge engineers based in Spain

Nipigon Bridge Speedbump

Nipigon Bridge: “El Speedbumpo” is a feature, not a bug!

“The engineering company that was hired to do this is based out of Spain, so do they have the experience and knowledge to design a bridge in the cold weather we have in Canada that they don’t have in southern Europe?”

  • CodexCoder

    Start by getting a Canadian engineering firm to analyze the failure and determine cause and a suitable remedy. Then sue the Spanish firm for the repairs and blacklist them from practicing in Canada unless they use a Canadian firm to validate their designs.

    But this won’t happen because the Canadian governments involved are too stupid to write effective contracts (think Green Energy, for example), and too spineless to enforce good engineering practice (think CSA). And why hasn’t the APEO commented on this incident?

  • Clear Thinker

    They also own the 407, the government and private trucking firms should be able to sue for all damages with a negligence rider that triples the amount. We might get some of our money back for their short shrift in the materials used. They went to China for the expansion joints, not for better joints, but to save money over Canadian steel producers. Get me a lawyer!!

  • I get it. Put Canadian engineers out of work by shipping large projects to “Spain and China?”

    Why? Is there huge cost advantage?

    What about the cost of unemployment compensation for the Canadians out of work because of the outsourcing?

    There are a number of advantages to “buying local”.

    • Waffle

      Bob, to put it simply and crudely, China has Ontario by the balls and we are going down, down, down into a burning ring of fire (if you’ll pardon the pun).

  • Xavier

    It’s not their fault, they thought climate change was real.

    • Blacksmith


    • Exile1981

      I see the Wynne government has a new idea on how to fix the bridge.

      • seaoh

        ah crap you beat me by 9 hrs

        • Exile1981


  • ontario john

    Maybe that firm gave lots of money to the Liberal Party. The “Star” website has a major story on how Wynne’s cabinet ministers spend a lot of their time fund raising for the party. And she has placed large quotas on them which is causing a lot stress on the cabinet ministers as they shake down unions and corporations.

    • Very possible.

      • ontario john

        Things must be getting pretty bad when the Liberal Party Print Outlet, the Star has a major story by Coyne on the dirty secret as he calls it.

        • ontario john

          Sorry, Cohn

  • Exile1981

    I see it all the time in big projects frequently getting contracted to out of country.

  • moraywatson

    Well at least the Ontario Liberals didn’t adopt Spain’s disastrous subsidized “green energy” policies….oh wait….!

  • Ron MacDonald

    Another Ontario Liberal screw-up. Shouldn’t civil engineers working at the Ministry of Highways had inspectors going over the construction plans?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Another Ontario Liberal screw-up. Shouldn’t civil engineers working at the Ministry of Highways had inspectors going over the construction plans?

  • Rick McGinnis

    Lowest bid wins. It sounds good on paper.

    • Physics grad

      best quid pro quo offer wins – sounds like liberal thieves again

  • Physics grad

    more liberal incompetence and public corruption

    how much did some liberal get in a brown envelope for looking the other way on this job

    and were there no Canadian engineers who could have been hired locally?

  • Hard Little Machine

    In the US we get Chinese companies to do it with illegal Mexican labor. Same result.

    • mobuyus

      Makes sense china owns both ports of entry to the Panama Canal and can sneak anything in the world it wants to into America up through Mexico. On a brighter note buraq obama will be giving his last State of the Union Address tonight.

  • Blind Druid

    Welcome to Canada — We only have one road!

    • ontario john

      I’m surprised whiny indians haven’t closed it down yet.

      • occupant 9

        That’s coming.

  • FactsWillOut

    That little strip of high population density along the US border? That’s not really Canada, that’s USA north.

    Canada is a hundred+ miles north of that.

  • Waffle

    Just to clarify my somewhat coded references — Spain is just cover for China. The Ontario government’s main interest is Chinese business and money. See my link below — they are counting on China to build a railway to and from the Ring of Fire in the remote wilderness of northwestern Ontario.

    The chromite deposits there had been developed to the tune of more than $500 by an American compahy (Cliff Resources), which the Ontario gov. basically bankrupted. Cliff ended up selling the asset to Noront (check the BOE — for a song.

    Lots of twists and turns,dirty work at the crossroads, etc. Sudbury politicos involved.

    All very complicated and not easy to condense into a comment here, but will try to keep you informed — I have been following closely for months.

  • Maggat

    The Sun article was incorrect regarding the cable stayed bridges in Canada. This one was not the first, there are at least two in the BC lower mainland and are working just fine thank you.

  • Gary

    Wow, year back when I worked with Client Accounts for the Investment Industry I had to submit a Security check to the RCMP that had details for every place I had lived plus any Jobs I had on top of Legal issues dealing with the Courts for any arrests or allegations of fraud or theft from a Business.

    What burns me is that if I had been alleged to have mishandled a Client account according to the rules or got caught stealing a $15.00 item the alarms would go off at the Securities Commission and RCMP to cancel my Passport so I couldn’t flee Canada . I would need a Lawyer and be at risk for either Jail Time or banned from the Business.
    I would be banned from touching anything linked to Client Accounts as well.
    But today , I see how McGuinty and Wynne can rape the taxpayers and use almost $1 billion to buy an Election with not 1 Alarm Bell goes off Cancel thier Passport to stop McGuinty from fleeing to Boston , or keep Wynne away from any more tax dollars.

    Now I see how this Bridge scam has all the guilty people outside of Canada and no doubt they used a few cheap labour illegals as well as Union workers that only assemble the it .
    Spain should have been honest and saw that this was A Bridge Too Far away that had special Specs to tolerate the Freeze-thaw cycles and that it needs a uniform selection for the Steel so it would expand and contract evenly to calculate the size and length of the finger joints .

  • seaoh

    A little late but help is on the way!