Islamophobia & Political Correctness

In accordance with a ten year plan of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to implement United Nations’ Resolution 16:18 which criminalizes all criticism of Islam worldwide, the U.S. House of Representatives issued H. Res. 569 condemning violence, bigotry and “hateful rhetoric” toward Muslims in the United States.

  • Morticiaa

    Fuck the UN
    Fuck Islam
    Fuck the scourge of Islamic culture
    And the barbaric dogs that stick up their smelly shitty hairy asses to Aleah
    Fuck Trudeau and his brain dead social workers
    I hate for the pure essence of hate
    All religions especially the backward barbaric ones
    And any of those who wear cultural costumes
    That represent promative dogmas
    Does anyone have an email for
    ALL to direct this to the UN

    How soon before bad thoughts become illegal
    Under the Trudeau travesty

    And fuck all the Syrian refugees too
    All that money spent could have gone to
    Toward dental care for all the minimum wage
    Earners already struggling in this country

    • Tanya

      You forgot FUCK the U.S. House of Representatives.
      A bunch of mealy mouthed toads selling us out to the Islamic Masters.

      • Alain

        They are Democrats.

    • barryjr

      And FUCK everything east of Manitoba for electing PM Selfie.

  • Blacksmith

    And the resolution condemning violence,bigotry, and hateful rhetoric against other faiths and atheist?

    • Martin B

      When you’re pandering for Muslim votes, you gotta keep your eyes on the ball.

  • David


    iranians seize to small US naval vessels.crickets commence.

    • David

      make that two

  • Morticiaa

    And the biggest paradigm change
    Happening right under our media
    Viewing eyes is the continued
    Escalation of the Muslims wearing hi jabs
    In our regular western rot ramming
    More and more series are including
    This and what the fuck I am wondering
    Is why this is occurring I western made
    Just a retorical question as I know
    The answer
    As the masses get more and more
    Acclimatized to seeing these backward head covering
    Lunatics in mainstream society
    And in all the tv Facebook media they hit on
    And so the paradigm chants before our eyes
    I have a longer and longer list of programming
    That I don’t watch bcause of this shift
    Some excellent scintillating as well as lots
    Of mainstream programs
    So in another decade the hijab
    Will b mainstream in Canada
    How fucking disgusting
    As outrageous as the deity towels
    Hiding th unasked dandruff hair of the
    Extremist Sikhs

    • Gary

      In 1985 we saw the Sikh’s out West that used suitcase bombs that slaughtered 239 Canadians on a 747 over the Atlantic because of their war issues back home .

      Then , 21 years later in 2006 we had the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists that tried to use truck – bombs to slaughter 5000+ civilians in Toronto
      because of a war issue back home in Afghanistan.

      Sadly , the Toronto Police Chief was part of a cover-up Conspiracy to hold a Press Conference at an islamic Centre where he was forced to LIE and claim that they were all born in Canada and had NOTHING to do with islam or being muslims.

      ***** ” 7 adults pleaded guilty including the two ringleaders, Fahim Ahmad who was sentenced to 16 years andZakaria Amara who received a life sentence and had his Canadian citizenship revoked. ” ******

      Did you read that , Fahim Ahmad ( from Afghanistan) and Zakaria Amara had their Citizenships Revoked .

      Toronto’s Police Chief LIED to the public along with the Liberal’s because the Afghan Muslim wanted to punish canada because Chretien sent our Troop to his homeland and they were killing his Taliban Muslims brothers.
      The Liberal under Martin did NOT want to lose to Harper , so they LIED LIED LIED as well as the CBC ann most of the Media Party that claimed the Terrorists were all Born in Canada.

      Now we have Justin Trudeau that LIED LIED LIED as he promised the islamist pro-Jihad muslim voters that he would bring in 50,000 pro-sharia muslims from Syria by Jan 1 2016 .
      His father mocked the threat by Hitler’s Nazi party and SS as a problem for England and not the French issue. Oh well, then came the spring of 1940 where the Nazi’s took over France as a gift to Hitler which he accepted in June 1940 as he drove into Paris in his staff car to a cheering crowd .
      Now it’s Justin that mocked the threats by ISIS as a problem for people in the Middle East and not an issue for Canada.
      In 2014 there were 2 pro-ISIS muslims that murdered two of out Soldiers on the Street while Justin denied they were muslims and claimed in was from poverty or a mental illness.

      Justin and Obama are the Hollow Men filled with straw.

  • Gary

    Imam Obama has his ” (Loretta) Lynch-Mob” to arrest and jail anyone telling the truth about quranic barbarism and the Global Domination goals for a Jew/Gay- Free world ruled by Sharia law .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    That House resolution remains a proposal that hasn’t been ratified by vote at this time. Even if it passes, which I doubt since I don’t know of any Republicans who have signed on to this, it still will not have the force of law.

  • barryjr

    Technically Islamophobia is an incorrect term because a phobia implies an irrational fear. There is nothing irrational in disliking and being afraid of Islam based on the many examples of muzzie outreach.