For Whom They Came… First

“Martin Niemöller’s haunting poem, “First They Came,” has been making the rounds in social media lately…

The poem’s popularity spikes whenever a new atrocity works its way onto the front pages. Now it is the refugees from Syria’s civil war, in particular Sunni Muslim refugees fleeing the newly ascendant Sunni Caliphate. The accused are those who question the wisdom of granting mass asylum in the U.S. or in Europe. The charge against them is an irrational hatred of Muslims, also known as Islamophobia. But the accusers, who see themselves as champions of the oppressed, have inverted both the facts and the moral sentiment. The masses currently huddling at the gates of the West are hardly the “first” targets of Islamist terror. That dubious honor belongs to the same group Neimöller cited: the Jews.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I do notice that everyone on the web has since ripped off my artistic masterpiece “First they came for the douchebags…”.
    The original is lost to the time before saved comments.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Yes, and no. When a recognizable Jewish community existence in Europe vanishes and that will be rather soon, The Europeans won’t suddenly blanch, horrified that they’re next. They welcome the sweet release of death. They won’t have to pretend any more, they won’t struggle. They’ll happily convert, or die, or both. Jewish existence is the last thing in Europe reminding them of the Judeo Christian ethos at all. And they don’t like it. Once it’s gone they can press the detonator once and for all.