Countering the Contemporary Theory of Violent Jihad

We’ve established that the current U.S. government is not capable of handling the growing threat of Islamist “Lone Wolf” attacks. How do we respond in a manner worthy of our heritage as free citizens?

We need first to understand what the Jihadi strategy is in order to make preparations to face it.

  • Xavier

    First we need to admit that Islam is not a religion.
    Second we need to declare Islam is incompatible with the Constitution.
    Third we need to implement mass deportation.
    Fourth we need to punish the politicians who created this problem.

    Rhetorical: If the right established a church with the goals of subjugating women and ruling the world, what would the government do?

    • Alain

      Spot on. Islam is as much a religion as communism,which means neither is a religion in the true sense of the word.