Blasphemous cake: Police raid shop selling baking pans covered in Quranic scripture

The police on Monday raided a shop in Pancoran Mas, Depok, after receiving complaints from locals that it sold baking pans covered with pages taken out of the Quran.

Expanding on their investigation, the police located the factory producing the bakery pans in Parung, Bogor, where more of the blasphemous crime was uncovered.

  • Cat-astrophe

    The police have not charged anyone yet, buy I’d suspect some one may just get stoned….oh yea…

  • luna
    • Gary

      I thought there were laws against flushing toxic materials down the toilet .

  • Tanya

    And if they were cover in pages out of the Bible you would never hear about it as nothing would be done. Leftist Appeasement Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Gary

    What’s worse is that is was for a gay wedding Cake.

  • Xavier

    Revenge hoax.