Thoughts on Mao’s statue destroyed

Earlier, Blazing Cat Fur noted that the glaming gold statue to Mao, one of history’s all time Bigs in mass murder has come down.

The 120-foot-tall figure, built in near the city of Kaifeng in Henan province from steel beams and concrete, grabbed international attention earlier this week after photos of the statue began circulating online. The statue showed a seated Mao, perched atop a throne-like base gazing out on the empty fields, which some saw as ironic because Mao has been blamed for widespread famine and the deaths of millions.

Reality check: This is no thanks to progressives (“liberals”), you may be sure. That is the main point to take away from this. Mao and Che! chic were “in” for as long as I can remember.

Mao’s forces destroyed countless treasures of Chinese civilization. By contrast, getting rid of his statue is just removing an appalling eyesore from the empty landscape.

And for some reason we thought the progressives were kidding…

Meanwhile, Islamic vandals destroy millennial treasures like the Bamiyan Buddhas and the Palmyra temple complex. Tut tut. Let’s enact more measures against Western Christians.

Progressives and Islamists have in common that they see themselves as the apex of history and that gives them the right to wipe out all that went before.

By the time they face off against each other, the well-meaning people who went along will be destroyed—body soul, or both.

See also: GOP politicians want pro-censorship journo prof removed Cure far worse than the disease: Politicians, please stay out of it. This is a fight for the soul of the university, and you can only make things worse by getting involved. (You help cement the idea that the world of ideas is subject to government, precisely what you should oppose.)

  • Does anyone remember the Cultural Revolution and how universities echo Mao’s violent sentiments?

    • UCSPanther

      The Chinese Red Guards were Chairman Mao’s Brownshirts.