Shot/Chaser in Philadelphia

So just how delusional is Edward Archer, pictured above (and below), the chap who ran up to Police Officer Jesse Hartnett’s cruiser on the streets of Philadelphia and, brandishing a stolen police revolver, unleashed a hail of bullets, wounding Hartnett?

  • Islam in a nut shell.

    The genius of Islam is that it harnesses the destructive power of social misfits and delusionals in the cause of Islam.

    The liberal will say he was delusional.

    Lots of delusional people do not pick up guns and shoot cops, and then say they did it because of Islam.

    This “delusional” wack got incited by Islam’s mosque/mullah infrastructure.

    This is Islam.

  • Shebel

    Politicians and Media in a nut shell .
    When a Muslim kills you—it is Never a Hate crime.
    It is their Duty.