Reflections on Wise and Suicidal Immigration

Legal immigration has historically been classically liberal and a great boon for the United States.

Immigrants often bring in energy and fresh ideas.

In the past, newcomers from around the world were eager for a second start in the United States. They nearly all worked hard, reminding American-born citizens that that they can never rest on their laurels.

Immigrants honed American competition and helped to keep the nation productive.

Immigrants were typically hyper-patriotic. They reminded complacent Americans how lucky they were to be born in the U.S.

  • Xavier

    Do you notice the debate isn’t framed as illegal immigration?
    It’s just immigration; therefore you are a racist. STFU.

  • Dana Garcia

    The prairie is settled, so no more homesteading.

    Factory work is being done by machines (80% car manufacturing for example), so why does immigration continue when it is obsolete?

    • k

      because …..
      -the Department of Immigration does not want to lose their jobs
      -Corporate Canada does not want to pay employees benefits so contract labour is now the order of the day
      -each party wants to woo the newbie for votes
      -Canadians as a whole don’t care about the destabilization of Western values that come with such massive immigration
      -the racism of the Left thinking every immigrant thinks like they do

  • Shebel

    Is that end piece of fence— and escape route for the Jews?

  • DD_Austin

    What a lot of crap

    Locals NEVER like imports, they are always more trouble than they’re worth,
    Everytime, Anytime (in history)

    Article was written by .Hanson.. an Irishman…
    who never should have been allowed out of ireland
    and wouldn’t be here shoveling this crap out to us if our
    ancsestors hav’nt had a crappy non listening government when like we do now

    *from Hann : shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hAmhsaigh

    Immigrants: Better their room than their company